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By DiskJockey - 05/08/2009 01:37 - United States

Today, I learned a valuable lesson, never leave your "Let It Be" album, which you paid $489 for on eBay out on your desk. My brother also learned something, old records make for very breakable, one use frisbees. FML
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Hello, i am the newest addition to the troll gang. I'm not quite sure how this works, but i'll give it my best: OMFG YOU DESERVED IT YOU GAY PIECE OF BEATLE LOVING SHIT! i'm not quite sure how i did, so i'll appreciate your constructive critisism. thank you, and i look forward to trolling on future posts

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I miss the internet before dumb children decided that trolling is considered cool.

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But, honestly, some trolls are funny, and life would be a lot more boring without them, although they are annoying, they make a compromising section of society. Back to topic, keep all valuable objects LOCKED in a safe place which only you have access to.

#49- there is only a sprinkling of troll-posts that have made me laugh. Most are just incredibly repetitive and dull, and all the retards with broken troll detectors react to them in the usual same old way. Trolling is boring.

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YDI for buying overpriced pieces of shit, go hang yourself you dumbass

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...speaking of trolls... But yah, only a handful of trolls have succeeded in making me laugh Most just make me go "O_o wtf was the point of that?"

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Make your bro pay you back.

This conversation is starting to sound like a broken record.

How old is your brother? And why was he in your room? FYL.

Does Wayne Bradey have to choke a bitch?

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Why would you pay $489 for Let it Be? I got it for five bucks. You sort of deserve it.

cuz it probably was an original record.maybe autographed... i dunno

that is what i was gonna ask an original new copy is still pretty cheap, and autographed it would be worth over a thousand

T Or maybe he's obsessed with The Beatles! I kind of am and if I had the money to spend it on stuff like that and it wouldn't hurt my wallet I would do it!!

It's probably vinyl and probably an original analog print, so it's not crappy digital like all the reprints are. To add to the value, sealed, mint condition, etc. You can pay however much you want for vinyl

Why would you pay that much for that record even if it is a very first print?

Because you have NO idea who The Beatles are, the legacy they had, or their overall impact on music and culture.

Yeah, it's the band's legacy that makes you overpay for their album by about $480.

you want to make a bet on that? I have the 1st print of the Record. I'm getting the mono CD box set in September, only 10,000 printed. I have been a fan of the Beatles & buying their products for over 40 years. So my question still stands, as others have asked the same question. We just want to know why the OP paid so much for the record. It is not something to take personally. We're not insulting the music. We are just trying to learn something new. My over all favorite LP is "The Beatles." Know to most as, "The White Album."

Damn, you guys just got burned lol. You are awesome guy above me :D

I'm pretty obsessed with The Beatles! I have cups, mugs, shirts, blankets, towels, posters, all the CDs, books, journals, necklaces, movies, ect.! I know they're birthdays and back ground stories and pretty much everything! I have seen Pual McCartney in concert when I was 7!

Looking up the going rate for Let It Be, original pressing of the 1970 vinyl, in VG/NM condition -- $28. There's no way a sealed one is going for more than $50 - which, incidentally, is what an original pressing of "The Beatles" aka "White" album in VG/NM sells for. The Beatles fest in NJ/Chicago every year probably has dealers selling them by the dozen.

aww i'm so sorry you really need to get revenge, this worked with my brother a few times a week, sneak in his room and pour hot water over his bed and he'll think he still wets it. i saw a packet of those incontinence nappies in my brothers room the other day.

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You pretty much admit that it's your fault, which is good.

Ouch! FYL indeed! I hope he reimburses you...

YDI. Shit like this should never be in reach of any young sibling. I bought a vinyl from my favorite band years ago and hid it in the most secretive and hard-to-reach place in my room so no one would screw with it. It was a special DJ-only record, so not many exist, especially not in perfect condition. I have it in a safe now.

yes, because when you buy something valuable to enjoy, the ONLY place it should be kept is locked/hidden away.....