By Anonymous - 10/05/2013 16:48 - Norway

Today, I decided to end things with my boyfriend, thinking it would be fine since things have never been at all serious between us. He cried for hours before having his grandmother text me to say how heartless I am. FML
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noobpwn12321 6

Grandmas always have cookies to heal hearts


Overatedlife_fml 5

A man that cries? Your better off single

I think I would have asked the grandmother why she enables him to be so immature. If my grandmother tried to step in on my problems and tell someone off for me, I would make her apologize to that person.

kkamp516 10

"My grandma could beat up your grandma!"

My grandma and your grandma were sittin' by the fire. My grandma told your grandma: "I'm gonna set your flag on fire."

noobpwn12321 6

Grandmas always have cookies to heal hearts

And sweaters with love in every stitch!

I don't see that much of a problem with him crying... But getting his grandma to text you? Come on.

I don't get all the thumbs down. I agree with you there.

That's an awkward situation, but why didn't you just leave instead of listening to him cry for hours?

brentman28 5

she didnt stay with while he cried for hours unless she was sitting next to him and his grandma

Stage 5 clinger! Good thing you already aborted that mission. It's hard to be mean to grandma though. He's playing dirty!

guaranteed she knows he's clingy and she's only texting you to make him happy. given tons of life experiences I doubt older people would act that way in all seriousness, she just wants her boy to be happy.

QuinnyZebrass 11

Hey, you're never too old for grandma's cookies and sweaters with love in every stitch!

I'd rather have some of grandma's special tea personally.