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Today, I parked my motorcycle in a parking spot. When I came back, my bike had been moved and was laying on its side with a note saying, "Sorry I dropped your motorcycle I was trying to move it forward so I could park my car because there weren't any other spots." FML
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91hayek 31

At least they felt obligated to leave an apology instead of an abusive note trying to justify their actions, or no note at all.

darlingdollie 24

That's terrible. Sorry, OP. Karma will come for those who are ignorant and self-centered!


darlingdollie 24

That's terrible. Sorry, OP. Karma will come for those who are ignorant and self-centered!

I like how this is phrased. It makes it sound like karma is actually a person, coming to hunt you down. Like death in family guy.

Demig0d6 14

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football98_fml 20

Well at least he said sorry...

*stabs 3 in the gut multiple times* Sorry...

I_Am_Melanie 15

He still could've picked the motorcycle back up..

but it isnt even hard to move a motorcycle. thays what I dont get.

you can't just move them super easily when they're parked, can you? they're kinda heavy?

Sun_Kissed18 25

@106 When I park my bike, I lock the wheel in a turned position for this reason; it makes it difficult to move unless unlocked with the key. So not necessarily. Also, bike are pretty freaking heavy and it would be moderately difficult (or extremely difficult depending on your size) to pick it back up again,

There's only one rational thing to do: trace his license plate, smash his car windows, burn down his house and threaten his family :)

killthedead 13

59 Your comment just made me cringe hard

Nyarlothatep 12

70 Malacath is more popular at parties. And Malacath is NOT popular at parties! (Excuse the obscure Oblivion reference..)

Epickitty58 29

59- Wow. Don't blame video games for people who think with minds like that. Video games are not always responsible for corrupt children who turn into adults with dangerous minds. Parents are at fault for letting their kids play violent games or not paying attention to what their kids do. Good job to parents without children like that, because they are much more aware of what their kids play, do, and watch. 59, on the other hand, you blame GTA and Call of Duty for every corrupt mind in America. Shame on you.

124 should chill because the guy was joking.

That went right over your head, didn't it 124

RussRuss 7

calm down man, just calm down

Was the bike damaged? Sorry OP...

91hayek 31

At least they felt obligated to leave an apology instead of an abusive note trying to justify their actions, or no note at all.

HighasaCloud 46

An apology doesn't pay for the damage...

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I've read your blog posts and I know how much you hate those 'death machines'. I totally agree with you!

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#21... Are you TRYING to get thumbed down?

...I thumbed up his joking, lol. I don't think it's the bike, but the bikers' attitude. My fiance has one and he's incredibly cautious. No wheelies for him! He's even added extra lights on the bike but still tries to not ride after dark. People in cars tend to be stupid and not pay attention to bikes.

Lil_Red777 21

Actually, I've seen a lot more bikers being stupid and thinking they can do whatever the Hell they want and everyone else is just supposed to watch out for them. And I like bikes my boyfriend had one, but I've been noticing this a lot.

Awkwardturtle - That attitude is EXACTLY the reason why I see so many severely injured motorcyclists in my trauma bay. I just had another one lose his leg above the knee last week. You simply cannot be safe on a motorcycle, unless you're riding 10kph on a private road by yourself. Any accident is you versus the 1) road and 2) every other car around you. You idiots can thumb me down all you like. More motorcycle accidents means more patients for me. Yay.

I don't think I've seen you get all these thumb downs before Doc.

Every trauma doc/nurse ever hates motorcycles. Hell just seeing a motorcycle accident made me decide against being an EMT.

I'm was a bike rider for years and love them. There's nothing wrong with a bike if used correctly. Note I said correctly. Doc is right when he says you can be badly hurt. Happened to someone I know when an idiot driver knocked him off. And he had all the gear. But a lot of bikers don't wear boots, leather jacket or proper helmet. And some of the passengers wearing shorts and T-shirt. Can you say road rash. Then there are the stupid drivers who don't pay attention/care. If you so much as clip that bike, you might kill them. Is it worth that extra second saved, or one less vehicle in front of you. The worst is the ones who aim for bikers because they don't like them. Gotta love the haters. Sorry for the long post. I was trying to agree with Doc and a rant happened.

That's funny Doc because I have ride most of my life first as a passenger and when I could by myself and I have never been in a wreck. And no I don't do wheelies or any of that because honestly I don't have enough strength to do that so I don't. Motorcycles are just something I ride so I can be free of sitting in a metal moving box. You can feel the wind all around you and not in just through the little glass that you roll up. Yeah some people get in wrecks but mostly it's not them being the ones stupid, it's the ones in cars texting that end up killing people because they can't see them in their big car because they aren't paying enough attention to driving and more attention to their phone.

tayymeds 23

#53 I really hope that seeing an accident didn't truly deter you from a job that allows you to try and save those as best you can. Being apart of medical world may be stressful but its also rewarding in many ways.

It absolutely did. Dude was split from asshole to sternum around a guard rail and was still alive when we got there. I would have been asking for a bullet if I was that poor bastard. Still sends shivers down my spine. I'll leave the life saving to people who are better suited to it.

Old Joke: Do you know what ER doctors call motorcycle riders? Organ donors! My BF has a Honda Shadow. It's a cruiser bike vs a crotch rocket. It seems less dangerous but still has its hazards. Once when riding bitch, I had to throw the coins in my pocket at a car that was merging in our lane at a traffic light. (Now, I know what to do with all these pennies I've collected!) Cars just don't seem to see or pay attention to motorcycle for some reason. Even if it's the cars' fault, the cyclist are the ones that end up dead/injured. Now, we only take it out on non-traffic days to lessen the risks. And yes, we've had people bitch us out for taking up a standard parking space but by law, that's the only legal spot.

More patients means you get to keep your job. If no one would get hurt or sick you wouldn't have a job anymore.

Doc it's quite easy to be safe on a bike. Don't crash. There your safe

Lil_Red777 21

But what if someone hits you? Oops there goes your logic.

I think that the main problem with motorcycles are some of the people that use them. If they are used by some who does not speed, does not go in and out of lanes just because they can and overall uses the motorcycle in the same manner they would a car i would say there would probably be a few less accidents. If someone who is a small, unpredictable dot in someones mirror isn't taking their own pro cautions to keep themselves safe. I have a friend that rides a motorcycle that rides in a fast and unpredictable manner and i would say that his actions on the roads while on his bike are the reason as to why he gets cut off from semi-trucks, suvs etc.

That's why I just call them donorcyclists. :)

How do you drop a motorbike while pushing it forward? If they are old enough to drive a car surely they can push the motorbike and not drop it.

surely it's difficult with the tires locked.

People don't leave them so you can just push them around... Be stupidly easy to steal then.

I've heard of people going around stealing motorbike by getting a few friends together just to pick them up and put them on the bed of their trucks. Nothing seems safe.

You've never spent time around bikes much have you, If you apply weight to one side or the other just a few inches too far you're probably going to lose the bike and drop it. Bikes don't hold themselves up at walking speeds, which is why going slow on a bike is harder than fast.

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Oh? I wasn't aware that people were required to share parking spots.

ChristianH39 30

You prob should never drive

Well, it's a motorbike. How ever you park it, it's gonna take up less space than if it were another car. So that's probably not the issue.

Epickitty58 29

You're prob taking up too much space on this planet. You prob could save that space for somebody with a little sympathy.

He should've picked it back up that douchbag

Do you know how heavy a motorcycle can be? It's not like picking up a bicycle.

TheNiceOne 20

Maybe he was afraid it would fall back down again.

No... He should have not touched it in the first place. Then there would be no need for anyone to have to pick it up.

If you can't pick a bike up its to heavy for you.

Well thank you for that enlightening statement 110. It all makes sense now!

I have to say, it's kind of a douchy move to park a bike in a car's spot. there's plenty of car-inaccessible space to park a bike, so be considerate to car drivers and park somewhere else in the first place.