By Kitty - United States
Today, I was working as a waitress at this pub. It was dead. After 4 hours I had only made 5$ in tips. A friendly couple came in and complimented EVERYTHING down to the freshness of the lemons in their tea. The bill came to $50. They left me a $5 gift card to starbucks. I don't drink coffee. FML
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  Metzler31  |  17

It's actually the law that if tips do not cover minimum wage, your boss has to make up the difference. I learned that after one exceptionally slow night at my job... So the worst you could do is like $7.25 an hour, which isn't bad especially if you aren't doing anything...

By  BaldOuting  |  0

i'm sure there is something you can find at starbucks - hot chocolate, a muffin, tea. at least they did tip. although 5 dollars on a 50 dollar bill is pretty cheap.

By  Cuzstuffhappens  |  0

1 Be happy you goty a tip, $5 is 10% so that is a good value
2 Starbucks isn't just a coffee place go in 1 day look at the menu and have a nice cold drink
or tea or somthing... that's not a fml that's just being picky

By  imkendra  |  0

Thinking on it, who carries around $5 Starbucks gift cards? Who buys those just to tip with? Someone must have given it to them or something. In which case they were being very, very cheap. Tips are part of a server's income and random giftcards for expensive coffee doesn't really help.

If you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat out.

By  irishfever  |  0

chillax... you can't expect a wonderful tip from everybody. They probably were a bit tight on money (we're in a recession or haven't you heard) but still wanted to leave you something.
Be grateful, they could have blow you off altogether

  catrn720  |  0

seriously? she performed a service and didn't get paid! how would you like it if your boss came to you at the end of the week and gave you a couple olive garden cards instead of a check, do you think the electric company will take those as payment for your light bill. I really think gratuity should be included in all checks. OP fyl

  Horsempeg  |  25

They performed a service and they are getting paid. She didn't get a tip from one couple. Can you honestly say you give 15%-20% for every tip? Maybe they don't have enough money to tip and just were out on a date for an anniversary. I am a hairstylist, and a waitress I get it stinks but some people just don't tip since its part of their culture.