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By Anonymous - 14/08/2009 01:59 - United States

Today, while I was working at Starbucks, a customer spilled her drink all over the counter. After I cleaned up her spill and remade the drink (for free), she exclaimed, "Thanks! I should really tip you!" Then she turned around, walked directly past the tip jar, and left the store. FML
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Jazzywrites007 2

Run outside. Slap it out of her hand. Run inside. Fyl, honey... =)

It's annoying when people talk about doing something and then don't do it.


Jazzywrites007 2

Run outside. Slap it out of her hand. Run inside. Fyl, honey... =)

HahaYDI 0

So next time she goes in there you "accidently" spit in her coffee :)

drsheena 0

I hated working at starcocks.

It's annoying when people talk about doing something and then don't do it.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Yeah, especially when that something is giving them money OP: That sucks :/ just keep working like nothing happened and hopefully you'll get nicer customers who appreciate you :)

That's not exactly terrible to experience, but yeah. You shouldn't say you're going to tip or reward anyone when you don't actually plan to. FYL.

don´t the bosses steal your tip anymore ?

NGM_47 0

Meh. You did your job like you were supposed to...and maybe she didn't have any more money left. Not that big of a deal, I clean up when I spill a drink at home and you don't see me asking for money.

#6, you're an idiot, you clearly didnt read the OP's post properly.

NGM_47 0

You're the idiot #8! I read the FML...she cleaned up a spill for a customer, gave her a free drink, and expected to get a tip, big freaking deal!!

She didnt expect to get a tip. Its the fact the women said," hey, i SHOULD tip you" and then walk out without giving her tip that makes this so annoying

you are a dumbshit :) (im talking to NGM)

haha you look like that kid from slumdog millionaire.... Rahul or ragahaht or something like that.

FlaminYawn 0

Is it me or are FMLs getting pretty weak lately? Heaven forbid you do something expected of you at your job that's apart from the normal robotic routine, and then be so bothered by it you wrote an FML because you weren't tipped. Boo hoo. Spending $5 for some coffee is ridiculous, and people are realizing that, that's why Starbucks has closed half their stores...


fair enough, a $5 latte is pricey, but it isn't as if the profits are going into the hands of the employees themselves. it's customary to at least toss your loose change from your purchase in the jar. the OP wasn't asking for a ******* 10 or anything. have none of you had a job like this before? most of these people really do rely on their tips becaus ethey're making minimum wage or close to it. places like sbux, any restaurant, as long as the service is up there, I always tip well. if it's so-so, i'll leave something. I never leave without giving them anything. that's just rude.

#32, there are NUMEROUS jobs where people earn minimum wage and will never get a tip. Do you tip at McDonalds? Do you tip the guy who sweeps the sidewalk? Of course you don't, but they're probably no less deserving than the guy who makes your coffee.


if they had tip jars or wouldn't get bitched at by management, yes. i totally would. or if i did eat fast food...too unhealthy though... p.s. where the hell do you live that people actually sweep the sidewalks? never seen that in my town lol

She didn't ask for the tip, the customer said she would give it and then didn't, which is a bitch move. Btw, #7, your username is a win. XD

Unless they're waitressing, people get a reasonably good, hourly wage. I just don't understand places like this that still feel the need to leave a tip jar when they're just doing their job, which they're getting paid for already.

I hate when places like starbucks and coldstone have tip jars. I feel it is so0o inappropriate. They get paid to do their job, unlike waiters who need their 2bucks an hour supplemented, and they only spend a few mins. I totally believe in tipping at sit downs but I have to draw the line somewhere. It was a bit rude to say "I should tip you" and then not actually do it, but I am sure it isn't the first time you have had a rude customer in starbucks..

randomm 0

lexiBRo, at coldstone, if you tip them, they are supposed to sing for you.

ok jackass! at places like starbucks you do EVERYTHING!! from cleaning windows, washing all the dishes, making the drinks, cleaning nasty drains that got dirty by making YOUR drinks, cleaning the bathrooms (even when some prick pees or takes a shit on the floor), putting up all the patio furniture, taking out the trash, and after all that we have to ******* act like we give a shit about your hard day at work or the fact that your nanny called in sick! so STFU! you don't work there so you dont know!

Wow, that really makes me think, cos I'm sure NOBODY has a harder job than that. There's a reason they call it WORK.

ya what im saying is that the tips they get are deserved! ******!

I disagree. They deserve the money they earn as an hourly wage, because that's how having a job works. You do something you don't necessarily enjoy or want to, and in return your employer gives you money, which you do want, so it works out. As per my other examples, not everybody is fortunate enough to have a job where people feel it's necessary/polite/appropriate to tip, no matter how shitty that job is. I give tips for exceptional service, not because I pity the person for having a job they don't like.

well you are pretty much backing me up. you are saying that if it is an exceptional enough job then you will tip, which means they "deserved" the tip you gave them

No, you missed the point. DOING YOUR JOB is not tip-worthy, whether your job involves cleaning every inch of the store with a toothbrush or not.

at mcdonalds you pay for your food and leave. they dont learn your name they dont learn your order and they dont learn anything about you. at starbucks we will learn your name we will learn your order and we will talk about the trials and tribulations of everyday life with you or the awesome promotions you just got etc... all while making you your drink. for minimum wage we will go above and beyond for our customers where as mcdonalds will just ask you to come again.


it's true...i have at least an established rapport with the staff at my local sbux. they know me so well, my drink is usually done being made by the time i get to the counter. side note, I'll tell you from experience who gets the shittiest tips... delivery drivers. i used to deliver pizza for a place that paid minimum and did not reimburse you for gas or anything, and the people around there tip like shit, for the most part. this always kinda made me hate the wait staff at the place, they'd be bitching about making just over $100 for the night, and I'd be barely at $50 after driving around dealing with every ****** asshole on the road. that's it for my side note...

safirestar09 0

Really, is this something you argue about? Besides that, Simon, the way you argue makes you sound like a rich, arrogant type. When I go to Starbucks, I tip them because I feel like they deserve it. Sure, working at Starbucks may not be the hardest job ever, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve a little extra for the hard work they're putting in. If you worked there, you'd want to be tipped, too, am I right? I know I would but I don't even work there... er, but it's just the principle. Cone to think of it neither do you.... hmm.

Why does Starbucks even have a tip jar?

I'm sick of all the FMLs about people not tipping workers. You get paid to work just the same as everyone else, if you get a tip that's a bonus, but there are plenty of people earning minimum wage who will never get a tip because they have the 'wrong' job. If I go to a sit-down restaurant and the waiter/waitress is clearly putting in a lot of effort, then they get a tip. If they're just doing their job to an average standard, why should I pay more? Their wages come out of the money I've already spent.

guardi_flava06 0

That's not necessarily true. While some people make minimum wage and work at places like Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, etc, some employers pay under minimum wage and expect tips to make the part that isn't being paid to the employee. It's not always fair, but that's how it works.

marrymejulietx 0

Except that most places you listed pay minimum wage. When I worked at Auntie Anne's, we had a tip jar, and we also made minimum wage. Of course, compared to the cost of living here, min. wage was total BS, but either way we only made like $3-5 out of the tip jar, and I never understood why people felt compelled to tip us. I made their drink and their pretzel and gave it to them. If something wasn't done, we put one in the oven for them. I mean, we weren't exactly going out of our way to do anything for them, we were doing what was in our job description. The same went for the Sbux next to us: it was just the shiftleaders/store manager's way of wanting to make a little extra spending money.

@25: That's misleading. Though it is true that service industries may pay under minimum wage to some degree, the employer must guarantee minimum wage for the hours worked. So, let's say you work X hours and at minimum wage you would make $60. If the employer would pay, $30 and you make $35 in tips, you have met the minimum. If the employer would pay $30 and you make $25 in tips, this does not meet the minimum and the employer must cover the $5 difference. A waiter or waitress who gets no tips (for some reason) is not making $2 an hour. She or he is making minimum wage. And then probably getting fired for being such a bad employee, but I digress.