By RebekahBrooke - 17/09/2011 17:13 - United States

Today, I started my first day as a waitress. After getting my ass slapped, drinks and food spilled over me, and being tripped by a bratty kid, my tips were stolen. FML
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OP must work at Hooters :P

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Awh ): was it a lot?


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Awh ): was it a lot?

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Who stole ur tips?? A customer??

No, a cockroach.

ikickgingers 15

Fucking kids at Chucky Cheese!

Must be some big ass cockroaches, Sirin. The ones that stab ya, and take your wallet.

KiddNYC1O 20

16- Reference alert: I-I cut you up so bad, you woulda never wished I cut you up so bad.

olpally 32

That stinks op.. Hope u get extra money in ur paycheck next time around

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people should be nicer to waitors and waitresses. do they not realize that they get to your food before you do and can do things to it that you wouldn't suspect?

olpally 32

My comment failed... Idk what to say other than that sucks... It sounds just as bad as that one fml where the girl had surgery and her bf broke up with her all at once... Fyl op... That really sucks :(

20 knows what I'm talking about.

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the dude who slapped your ass better have given u an extra tip! oh wait....

RebekahBrooke 9

LOL I actually really liked this comment. And he was old and... creepy. I don't really care for his money. O.o

I honestly do not get how people can say YDI. It seem people just want to be different all the time and always say that OP deserved it. Not only on this FML, but on many others where the OP did not do anything for what they received.

ikickgingers 15

I blame the schools.

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Where do you live because where i live you cant work until you're 16

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In ny you can work at 14 with some certification, in ny a person can also hire children under the age of 14 if the kid is related and it's your family business

can someone tell me where age came from? dont see it anywhere.

Where do you work at?!?

I would guess a restaurant.

indielove 13

Chuck E Cheese.

KiddNYC1O 20


A strip club that serves food.

RebekahBrooke 9

1) please don't end a sentence with a preposition. :) Thank you ;D 2) It's not a strip club, a-hole.

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48- Not sure if the preposition comment was directed at me, but food is not a preposition. As for the strip club comment, it's pretty obvious that you don't work at a strip club, but this IS a humor website so don't get offended at what others might say, especially when they are being obviously sarcastic.

RebekahBrooke 9

It's just that everyone is assuming it's Hooters or something. I'm sorry, it's been a hard day. -_- And actually, the preposition comment was replying to (surprise!) the comment I replied to! ;D

Actually, English is one of the few languages where ending a sentence with a preposition is okay ;)

57- On the app, it just looks like you replied to me.

57 i'm sorry to say that sometime between 2000 2011 people just stopped to believe that waitresses and -male version of a waitress-(forgot the word in english, please some help would be good) are people, it really sucks. It happens all the time, especially night shifts.

MichellinMan 20

She works at HELL

ikickgingers 15

So... it's not HOOTERS??

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Why the hell does #77 have no thumbs up?!?

Yeaaa, welcome to the world of waitressing. No, it doesn't get better. Yes, you will get blamed for things that are out of your control.

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where do you work? O_o

Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger...

Completely unrelated comment FTW?

ikickgingers 15

Fucking teenage wankers

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I think that its good you have a job, even if it sucks. It's for the money, not for fun.

OP must work at Hooters :P

Yeah, all those kids at hooters...

Ah-ha! Evidence that my fake ID and aging makeup business has many satisfied customers.

RebekahBrooke 9

Thanks, I don't work at hooters.

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Op you're pretty

I'm sorry xD

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If you don't sue, Ydi :)

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#86 it's a waitering job, its not a situation where you can sue, i've worked as a cashier in a fast food restaurant over the summer, we get treated like crap by so called know-it-all customers, its sucks but we cant sue, it's part of the job.

Sorry to stalk your profile, but it says you are 15, OP. Where do you work that hires 15 year olds as waitresses? I know that in massachusetts, it's illegal to hire someone unless they are 16, and only newspapers can hire 14 y/o's to deliver. I know it might be different in other states, but like, wtf?

Sexual harassment is not a part of any job and you don't have to take it. Your boss has to, by law, provide a safe work environment. At will or not, I'm sure. If you have proof that he/she is not providing a safe environment and allowing harassment to happen, they can get in a lot of trouble.

RebekahBrooke 9

I live in Florida. Family owned restaurants (as far as I know) have lower ages than most. Our grocery store hires 14 year olds.

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You're pretty.

#112 I did'nt say anything about sexual harrassment. I just said "so called know-it-all customers". Yes sexual harassment is wrong on all levels, but learn to read someones comment before ranting verbal diahrrea on non-existant information. comprende douchbag?

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Really OP? What part of Florida are you in? I live in Apopka and work at Publix O_o. Haven't heard of a place hiring waitresses under 16 unless it's family owned, like you said. But FYL =/

I was thinking the same thing

actually it says she's 20

check your pants, maybe they slipped a few dollar bills in there

Find work somewhere else. That's just appalling.

Yeah. Waitressing sucks.

who wouldnt want their ass slapped??:P

A normal person

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Remember the faces an have the boys in the back spit in the food

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Was it rotten teeth for tips? Those are rare and can contain precious metals

Well, Looks like it's quitin time already