Boozed up

By AuntSucka - 08/11/2009 01:35 - United States

Today, I let my nephew and his friend spend the night to watch movies. After I fell asleep, they stole my liquor and went roaming. When they saw the cop car in front of my house and realized they were busted, they went up to the cop and told them I gave them the alcohol to avoid being grounded. FML
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nxkftw 0

what imbeciles. fyl for being related to your cousin.

wtf, drinking but young enough to get grounded? Whats this Ohio state like people?


how would a cop realise they were drinking inside? and isnt it illegal for a cop to enter your house anyway without a permit so why would they go outside? what losers.

"stole my liquor and went roaming" That would imply that the nephew and fellow hoodlums went walking around the neighborhood, probably taking swigs from bottles of Jack and Jager until they saw a cop driving around, then they decided to tell the cop OP let them drink. They're probably still gonna get grounded (or worse) anyways... I mean, getting caught stealing liquor is one thing, but getting caught stealing someone's liquor and then blaming the cops on them letting you take it incurs another level of wrath.

my mistake :) i think i rushed through the post to try and be first, which i achieved so im not too ashamed ahah

Trebie 6

Yeah, seriously, I fail to see how these kids thought that getting the OP into more trouble with the police would help them AVOID getting grounded. Unless they wanted to skip groundation and just go to extreme ass-whooping.

nxkftw 0

what imbeciles. fyl for being related to your cousin.

yah that true my dad was a cop and when CPS tried to take me he got out his law book and told them to get out of his house and off his property and told the CPS guy to **** off.

956TXking 0

you should grab them by the ear and pull it off and swing em a couple times.

wtf, drinking but young enough to get grounded? Whats this Ohio state like people?

I think my mom was fully capable of grounding me until I turned 18 and moved out. There's a lot of teenage years there where kids can steal or otherwise obtain alcohol and drink illegally.

What's Ohio like, you ask? It's a pisspot of overly strict parents who ground their children until age 18 and think saying "go to your room" will do any good, for starters. I actually ENJOYED being banished to my room, because that's where all the video games and books were. It's also a haven for hookers, high school potheads, and street thugs. Especially Cleveland. That's pretty much why I left. -___________- Ahhh, Ohio. The wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Yep, good description. Too I'm 15 and can't leave yet

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956XTking clearly you have no life or you have a fetish that you want to be swung around a few times.

stormxbby 0

lol where they went wrong was laeving the house. unlike me they arent ninjas who can getaway with that shit hahaha

i wish i could be as socially awesome and ninja-like as you. "shawty got class, oh behave"

popatia 0

Too bad were not as cool as you stormxbby.

well maybe you wont fall asleep on the job then dumb cnt.

If they're old enough to be interested in drinking they're probably at least 13 and going to stay awake until at least midnight, probably later. OP is hardly going to stay up all night "babysitting" teenagers.

I don't see how telling the police that you gave them the alcohol would result in avoiding a grounding. The cops don't ground kids, their parents do. And I don't know why cops would believe the kids anyway. I'm calling BS on this one.

I don't think the OP said that the cops believed them. Regardless, it doesn't look good to have the cops show up with your drunk nephew and friend in tow and the cop probably told the OP that the kids said that, whether he believed it or not. The neighbors probably saw the cop car in the driveway and/or the drunk kids. Either way pretty embarrassing!

I call BS on you having a brain. Drunk kids = not thinking straight? And I don't get your reasoning for it being bs, you can call any fml bs that way.

I've never met a police officer that took the word of a drunk teen over that of a sober adult.