By Virginiedetibo - 22/10/2011 02:09 - France

Today, I ran into an old friend. I asked her how she was doing, then asked, "And your mum?" Just as the words escaped my lips, I remembered her mum died a few years ago. Trying to save face, I messed up again and blurted, "She still in the same graveyard?" FML
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I bet she was just *puts on sunglasses* dying to get out of that conversation

jake1632 9

i bet you *puts on sunglasses* should shut the **** up.

9 people like you make me want to burn down a sunglasses factory

Awkward... I would've stopped after I messed up the first time. ;)

yeah if i was a zombie i'd dig out of my grave just to go into a different one .

Whoa, 13, just whoa. Lol, jk, you tell 'em whose boss!

jake1632 9

im not boss haha im just tired of the sunglasses joke its like *puts on sunglasses* *takes sunglasses off and chews them to pieces* hey now im ****** BEAST

OP dont worry too much about it, my mum passed away a few years ago and this situation has happend to me, granted it wasnt as awkward but when someone asked me I understood that it was a momentary slip of their tongue, I hope your friend understands that and doesnt get upset or hurt by it.

13FTW 9

Hey Jake, *Puts on sunglasses* I think... *Takes off sunglasses and chews them to pieces* I know what you are saying.

jake1632 9

hey 60 oooh yeah. you just won a gold ticket to my awesome list in my bio.

"No, actually she got moved last week." Some people's kids..

a_lenzmeier 11

Sunglasses are definitely overrated. And Jake, keep telling those idiots to shut up. It's makes a lot more people's jobs a lot easier.

Hey you guys *puts on glasses* Ive got *takes off glasses* To tell you *puts on glasses* something interesting *takes off glasses* I have *puts on glasses* glasses... B)

enonymous 8

I asked Siri what we do for a Zombie apocalypse. She didn't know so were pretty much ****** people...

every1luvsboners 11

Rallets, I haven't seen you for quite some time. When did they let you out of jail? I had no clue that a ********** conviction would only cost you a month or two. I guess that having such a small penis helped because penetration was never proven. They'll get you one of these days, it's only a matter of time.

rallets 22

lol youre trying too hard nowadays bro, what happened? :/

punkin_26 16

Not sure who originally came up with the sunglasses joke but I think it's funny if it's done right. Does everyone get the CSI Miami reference? David Caruso is such a tool! He opens EVERY episode with that move. A two part cheesy one liner with the dramatic pause and the *puts on sunglasses* right in the middle.

That was fun the first couple of times around. After that it just got annoying. I've seen better ones on here than I've seen him do in the past 6 seasons. And I heard Caruso's a serious anal pain in the ass (yeah, I wrote anal pain in the ass on purpose, he's THAT bad).

That was fun the first couple of times around. After that it just got annoying. I've seen better ones on here than I've seen him do in the past 6 seasons. And I heard Caruso's a serious anal pain in the ass (yeah, I wrote anal pain in the ass on purpose, he's THAT bad).

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Oh god same thing happened to my Mom when she ran into someone she knew a long time ago who's son killed him self. My Mom completely slipped and asked how's both of the boys the ladies face just dropped and my mom can't explain how guilty she still feels

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enonymous and boners on the same comment chain just made my day

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74 - Put on some more clothes, you're only 13!!!

punkin_26 16

You're right 109. I've seen much better ones too. I've heard the same thing about him being difficult to deal with hence the 'tool' comment. What cracks me up the most about these comments is the reaction. You all fall for it every time.

107- so is that why only 33 people thumbed me up???

itsame0987 18

131- this whole time I thought 74's picture was of Justin Bieber.

153 - Not sure whether you're making a joke or just an idiot.

Quite possibly the FUNNIEST FML I have ever read.

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Yeah I agree, I laughed my ******* ass off after this one. Classic. So if There were a zombie uprising, what would your weapon of choice be?

Wow OP, you sure are brilliant at saving face...

OP, looks like she's going to be staying an old friend! Lol

I don't know, 57. Tell us how they did it. Seems like you're on the same boat.

I know. I think most people would have just said 'oh my god I'm so sorry...etc' not try and make a joke out of it! There's a time and place for humour to defuse tension and this my dear was not it.

I know. OP almost got himself in an awkward situation there.

Technically speaking it's yo... ah it's not worth it.

I'll be the finisher. 5- "You're" grammatically incorrect. P.S. Periods are your friends.

rallets 22

You know, i think they're doing this on purpose now. I have yet to read one comment calling somebody a dumbass using the correct form of "you're". A new form of trolling? Or am I giving them too much credit?

I dont think there doing it on purpose their probably just dum hippocrates

lostintime94 5

Wow some argument we have here. You're all dumb asses.

Lady_Bee_fml 13

I'm thumbing this up simply because of the lovely misspelling of hypocrites. It made me happy.

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that's like saying a yo momma joke and realizing their mom died. just don't do it.

Yo mama so fat... There ain't enough dirt for her big ass to be biodegradable ... Now what u said doesn't sound so bad OP :)

34, I laughed my ass off when I read your comment. Heck, I'm still laughing & it's been 10 minutes, lol. Way to be!

I would have liked to see her face when you said that!

el_chicharito_14 0

Why would you want to see someones sad/offended face?

Ur just pothetic n sick in the head...