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  HannahWho  |  8

Just because the guy is in the mood does not mean the girl has to have sex with him. It is not a big deal, per say, but the idea that just because one person is down to do the dirty the other has to instantly comply just irks me (mainly because of a boyfriend I had who pulled down my pants one time so "we could have sex"... when I had told him that at 15 I was not going to be having sex). Anyways, Op, if she is not in the mood then the jeans were just an excuse. Sex is messy, if you were going somewhere afterwards she might not have wanted to mess up her outfit/look. Does not mean she will never have sex with you.

  calivianya  |  29

133 - You're missing the point here. Yeah, she doesn't have to have sex if she doesn't want to, but she could always say, "No, I'm not in the mood for sex right now." Making it all about her jeans is pathetically passive-aggressive.