By Anonymous - Ireland

You're back!

Today, I heard that one of our customers had passed away. Saddened, I told everyone who came into our shop about his death. Understandably, some customers got very upset and one even fainted. Suddenly, the "dead" man walked into the shop. Turns out I got the name wrong. FML
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By  LilaBear  |  1

I do feel bad for your blunder, but I have to say YDI. I can understand somebody telling their friends that another friend or family member has died, but not customers at a store. Did you not stop to think his family might not want you telling every person who walks into the shop that he died?


20 - No, they would not be heartless. Death is a part of life and it's more common than people would like to think. Sure, it's polite to offer condolences when a STRANGER tells you that one of her… acquaintances passes away, but does it really bother or upset you THAT much? I know that it wouldn't bother me, but I know that I'm full of love and would offer any assistance that I could render, but I'm also logical and a realist. I don't oft let emotions rule my life.

An honest mistake that even I would possibly make, but YDI either way, OP.