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By Anonymous - 10/09/2009 06:57 - Australia

Today, my co-worker came back from Thailand with big new breasts. She told me to go ahead and touch them because they have a funny texture for the first few months. When our GM entered the room, I had both hands down my co-worker's shirt, agreeing that they were unnaturally firm. FML
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if your GM is a guy..expect a pay raise

They're from Australia, silly. Why would they go to the US when Thailand is so much closer?


Bahahaha awkward!

uh ooh... i think she set him up...

If they take any action against either of you, call them homophobic - they'll be eatting outta the palm of your hand!

So let me get your logic straight. Doing something inappropriate in a work setting and if you get caught... blame it on the coworker and company? Nothing like going to the ladies room or after hours eh? So glad that instead of manning up you'd rather place the blame where blame isn't do. People like you that think it's quick and easy to blame someone else need to pull your heads out of your asses.

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I'm pretty sure #3 was talking about taking action against the company, not the other co-worker.

21- Smh read a comment more carefully next time before you start ranting...

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did they feel like bags of sand?

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"Bags of sand" Excellent "40 YO Virgin" reference!

lol, that bit was hilarious, need to see that again.


Bow Chicka BowWow?

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You wait, your GM is going to SO post a similar story on MLIG.

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She went to Thailand for fake boobs? What a cheap bitch! Fake boobs are a staple of the American economy. Fucking traitor.

They're from Australia, silly. Why would they go to the US when Thailand is so much closer?

if your GM is a guy..expect a pay raise

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but dont expect that to be the only thing to raise ;)

Hawt! I wish I was your GM. i'd give both of you a 'raise'

You know, in a lot of countries that speak more of the British style of English call a pay increase a "rise." I'll bet the GM got an instant rise. He should have been able to squeeze both sets of breasts to objectively determine the unnatural firmness of the new tits. For science, of course. It's not good science to not have a control group, i.e., your tits.

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aww...that's bad. haha =P

That's when you pipe up and say, "Come feel these!"