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Today, I was on the phone with a client, when the gum I was casually chewing fell out of my mouth and down my shirt. While I was trying to dig it out, two of our newest customers walked into the lobby to see what looked like me fondling my breasts. FML
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Sucks to be you =/ but YDI, chewing gum, especially in a professional setting, is just poor etiquette.

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Why were you chomping away on a piece of gum while on a professional phone call in the first place? Why are you chewing gum in the lobby where new clients get a first impression of you and the company you work for? Both are incredibly rude to your clientele and completely unprofessional. Absolutely your own fault.


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I know OP, that'll just keep them coming back, which I'm assuming will be good for business.

I'll buy whatever you are selling. Nuclear waste for schools; I'll take 4. oh you are a woman?? I'll take 10!!

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That happened to me butb replace the setting with school, the gum with a cheeto, and the customers with my then bad boy crush. It was quite awkward and I kept hearing him and his friends talking about cheetos for the next few days.

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Lololol it's not "ew", it happens a lot when you have big boobs. I found one of my little brothers hot wheels in there once...

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How often you drop things has nothing to do with the size of your boobs, how does that make sense?

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lmfao! that sounds like something that would happen to me. everything always falls in my shirt -_- once even when i was wearing a T-shirt.

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I'll bet those two customers will be buying whatever your two salesmen were selling ;) Oh, yeah, that's real classy to chew gum on a business call.

Sucks to be you =/ but YDI, chewing gum, especially in a professional setting, is just poor etiquette.

Agreed. But if it ends with female self gratification it is forgivable.

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chewing gum is not a great idea =P but u couldn't at least have told the client to hold a minute & run to the bathroom?