By anonymous - 08/01/2016 06:49 - United States

Today, I arrived at work to find a bullet hole in the window of the storefront we're leasing. Security assured me it had always been there and the glass shards on the floor had somehow been missed in my many vacuum passes and the pre-lease inspection two months ago, so no need to worry or fix it. FML
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Sounds to me like you need a new 'security' team

It's no wonder your security isn't doing their job well... They left their brains back home when coming to work.


It's no wonder your security isn't doing their job well... They left their brains back home when coming to work.

what the ****? think it's time to get new security, along with some cameras.

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I don't think it's the security they hired. It's probably security from who they're leasing from and that person likely won't hire new security.

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@19 It wouldn't be in their best interest to not hire new security because their property is being damaged.

Sounds like the United States secret service.(They have had a bunch of mishaps.)

I doubt the secret service is shooting at a store...

#20, you clearly didn't understand the comment. Sort of like everyone else. The Secret Service has been caught on many many occasions trying to cover up their fuckups. Things like Presidential details getting blackout drunk while on duty in the middle of the day and other such things.

#21 no I have heard about those mishaps but I still doubt the secret service would be in this scenario.

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#28, That's not the idea. He's not saying that the SS was the security, he's comparing what happened here to their shenannigans. Nowhere did he say, (or even imply), that the President's Secret Service was working security for an ordinary store.

Guys you have all been to middle school, right? A simile is the comparison of two things using the word like or as. I compared the similarities of the secret service to the security guards at the store. Everyone that disliked my comment is retarded.

It completely went over their heads lol. This is to be expected with sarcasm over the internet...a shame really.

Those guys definitely have more than peanuts in their skulls. Geniuses really.

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You're not going to accept that answer, are you? Surely there has to be legal recourse.

they are really good liars don't believe them!!...