By Anonymous - United States - Reno
Today, after swimming in the pool, I went into the shower. Little did I know that my niece was hiding in there. She excitedly yelled "I saw your boobs!" Now my nephew won't stop crying because he didn't get to see them as well. FML
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  mariepastyglue  |  30

Seriously, who's raising these kids! I always say a bad kid is an example of bad parenting. That particularly not being bad in a more usual way, is actually kind of worse because it's perverted! Those kids need help..


@25, We don't know how young they are, and it's probably young enough not to be "perverted". Little kids (especially girls!) are interested in female anatomy, especially boobs because they don't have them yet. Boys, too, because it's something they'll (most likely) never have. It's harmless.

That being said, OP, I feel for you. I have 4 younger sisters that will sneak around and watch me change or laugh hysterically as I go down stairs because my "boobies jiggle". They'll get over that stage... in a few years. Hopefully.

  UnluckyGenius  |  21

Sometimes it is not the parents, but the other kids, or grandparents that help create a bad child.
But thanks for shitting ignorance allover the place #25.
If the niece and nephew are young, it is curiosity not perversion.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

I agree with 52 and 41 - young kids are generally curious about the human body, especially the adult body. That's how you end up 'playing doctor' with your cousins or whatever.

I had a baby brother, so I knew what boys had, and my mother was never shy to be naked around me in the locker rooms at the pool or whatever, but it doesn't surprise me that little kids would want to know, especially if they've been raised in an especially prudish way. Kids who have never seen a woman breast feeding will stare like she's an alien (and some people argue that they shouldn't see, which is stupid, because that is literally what boobs are FOR).

If they're like twelve? Then they're probably little perverts. :P

  BitsOBacon  |  12

34, That's bad, but I think I win the fucked up cousin award. When I was about 13, my cousin set up a camera in the bathroom. After I showered, they got my many siblings, gathered around a TV, and watched me shower. That way the last day I ever really trusted my cousins.

  mariepastyglue  |  30

I have a little girl who is incredible and not a little shit actually I'm probably one of the very few with kids on this section of comments so I think I would know more than you plus all the other idiots on here and my husband has 3 kids also one of them lives with us who is a boy so again I know what I'm talking about a lot more than any of you idiots who are not even 21

  jesustitts  |  20

25, I have a child and I also have 9 nieces and nephews. One of my nieces and her brothers and sister are all breastfed. Not now but they were as babies. My niece and nephews LOVE boobs. My older nephew would literally climb into my shirt when he was a year old. My niece who is almost 5 loves to watch me breastfeed my son and she always asks questions about it and telling everyone "Bryan is eating booby milk" and touches them. Then says she's got a baby in her belly, she feeds her babies and begs her mommy to use her boobies to feed my son instead of pumped milk anytime my sister babysits. I myself am 20 and I would have to say that just because this child is curious and watched her shower does not make her a bad kid or a pervert. Children are curious. If they are going through puberty acting like that its a different story. So don't be such an uppity bitch saying you and your kids are better than everyone else because your kids are sheltered and don't know how to be curious. Get off your high horse.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

25, no, I don't have kids, because I can't have kids, but I'm 27, have more nieces and nephews than you can shake a stick at, and my mother is a daycare educator. I'm around kids all the time.

Pretty sure you're wrong there, captain.

By  RedFox29  |  10

he probably don't even know what those are....

By  TodayWeFly  |  9

I don't really know how to react to this story. I mean, you can't go around flashing your family, that's immoral! Still, if he's old enough, tell him that one day he'll have a girlfriend who will show him her boobs, that might cheer him up!

  PandaKitteh  |  20

I don't think OP just goes around topless, she was in the shower and her niece surprised her... And why would you tell your little nephew that? That's... Creepy... And inappropriate.-.

  TodayWeFly  |  9

Eh, I didn't mean it like that, I guess I could've written it better. I was saying that she shouldn't flash her nephew, even if he was crying, because it would be immoral. Also, as a guy, it wouldn't be so weird to say that to my little nephew. I guess families are raised differently. I wasn't meaning it in a wrong way at all, I just wrote it wrong. So, of course, I'll do the most moral thing here, and apologize!

By  ajh557  |  22

Well that's a problem you cunt solve.

By  subwaysurfers  |  13

My 5 year old sister thinks my boobs are like seperate little stomachs. So maybe if they know what boobs are, they're old enough to know what's inappropriate? Or my sister's just weird.

  subwaysurfers  |  13

Yeah, same! Once I even walked in my parents room at night to check on the time because they had a clock in their room (which I usually did when I couldn't sleep) and my dad just yells, "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO KNOCK!" and I was surprised why he was so mad. I respond, "Why should I knock? You're just sleeping, it's not like you're doing anything."
I was so naive. I had no clue. They probably thought I knew when I said that though. Rant is over, haha.

  NickACD  |  27

That wasn't very descriptive but it put the image of a 5 year old speaking perfectly clearly, but innocently asking why she had to knock while her dad was pumping her mom. Kind of fucking disturbing

  LysaEtch  |  8

Actually, they do have breasts. For men they aren't used, nor do they develop into what we refer to as "boobs" on women, but the breast tissue and nipples are there. Children have them too. I already explained guys, but female children have breasts that haven't developed yet.

Anatomy lesson.