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Today, I walked into my elderly grandmother's trailer, used the bathroom and went to wash my hands. She had a soft spot in the floor that she covered with a bathmat. I fell through. Right leg up to my hip in the floor, boobs stuck on the counter. My husband and grandmother stood there laughing. FML
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It was a booby trap!!

desireev 17

Oh my goodness!! That is terrible! Boob pain is the absolute worst!! I feel your pain! FYL for sure!!


roadie143 0

that sucks

desireev 17

Oh my goodness!! That is terrible! Boob pain is the absolute worst!! I feel your pain! FYL for sure!!

I respectfully disagree, getting kicked in the balls is right up there with the worst pain imaginable.

RebekahBrooke 9

let's not start this argument....

Yes, let's not start an argument, we all know #5 is correct. :P

Dude. Birth beats out getting kicked in the balls by a factor of 100. Accept it and move on. Instead of bitching about how bad it hurts to get kicked in the balls.

Idk this one time I licked a frozen pole. Ripped the skin off my tongue, it was the only way to get it off. I think that's worse than both of those put together. That's why I only lick windows now.

lol at # 20, but you could've just poured warm water on your tongue, sparing you the whole pain! btw YDI. op, hope your boobs are okay, nothing is worse than a flat boob!

#30, how does somebody go get warm water while stuck to a pole? :)

a friend brings it! 8)

iDaniel525 8

Taking an arrow to the knee kinda hurts, too.

34 - I was going to thumb your comment up, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

SW500 13

Actually getting your intestines pulled from your scrotum may just beat them both...

CaptainTwiggy 0

Yes 19, because every single female is obligated to give birth. It's totally not caused by choices she makes nearly every time she does. Males sure do get hurt in the nuts in less than the average woman gives birth in her life, too.

Having your entire scrotum and penis crushed & grinded to a pulp while still attached to you and forced fed to you probably beats everything above me.

frankothetanko 0

birth smirth it's not so bad pooping out a baby

Reason #23 why you should not wash your hands after using the bathroom

frankothetanko 0

actually paper cuts cause much more pain then all these^^

midnightxloner 1

Listen according to a national testing giving birth is ranked at 3467 (whatever the name is for the measurement for pain) whereas a male receiving a kick to the groin is 9353. It is eqaul to breaking over 4000 bones simultaneously

Taking an enormous shit tops all of the above!

I disagree with all of you. Listening to Justin Beiber is the most painful thing in the world.

iDaniel525 8

Uh..I know we're on the subject of what hurts most, but I really need to know how I can get to High Hrothgar?

enonymous 8

19 - I disagree I just took a dump after eating some bad Thai. It was like giving birth to baby covered in lava and coconut shrimp.

enonymous 8

53 - press the up button followed by several left and rights while opening your map

42- did you have an experience?

No graham11, actually I was invited to an event hosted by DocBastard who slowly grinded a guys scrotum and did all that I mentioned in the above comment I made. Gruesom, I know. I've been scarred for life...

Sorry for missing the "e" in gruesome, i'm a bit paranoid for disclosing this kind of information.

desireev 17

I don't know how it feels to get kicked in the balls. I am not equipped for that. But I do know that receiving a "boob punch" is some terrible pain to endure. I've given birth to a child. It's pretty bad.. But the drugs helped tremendously.. Receiving a boob punch causes me to freeze up. It takes my breath away. My face turns red. And I do cry like a little baby. It is terrible. I wouldn't wish it upon anyone!

Ball kick is worse ^

Haha it's still funny how they were 'stuck on the counter' lol

A good hit to the nuts makes your whole body sore and altho id belive that giveing birth is quite painful, they make drugs for that and you only do it a few times, takein a shot to the balls is alot more likely

Hitting any kind of "balls" will hurt a human

Ash0 6

Stepping on a Lego with your bare feet..that's a very unpleasant feeling as well.

Men have higher pain thresholds then women. If chicks had the same pain endurance as men then birth would be like pfft. Ergo kick to balls trumps birth.

bryannab1 0

Hitting your funny bone hurts the worst.

20 - Is that you Harry Dunne? Its me your good buddy Lloyd Christmas, hey do you ever hear from that Mary Swanson chick anymore?

Imagine putting a toothpick under your toenail and then kicking a wall.

85- holy shit!! I think I'd die...

Blacksabbath211 9

I am now squirming in imaginary pain thinking of that...not many things will make me do that...getting a nut shot honestly isn't as as bad as that would be

Damn it Internet why didn't you take 10's advice?

We should ask a hermaphrodite with a kid which hurts more

Actually, it's a fact that being burned alive is the worst pain

Did anyone think of passing a kidney stone...?!!?!

jaredjudd21 2

I think it's a fact.. Correct me if I'm wrong but it is scientifically proven that the worst kind of pain is falling on a temperpedic bed.

deadeyedex 6

Actually while your getting burned the fire is so hot it melts your nerves so you can't feel it. The reason why people scream is cause the shock of being on fire

Has such a thing happened to you?

That was to #39 by the way, sorry.

I find moderating FMLs pretty painful to endure.

terminat65 6


All of this and no ones jealous of the counter?!?

53- I just got there last night! Go to helgen or whatever it's called and go east. Thats the easiest way. Or you could always buy the clairvoyance spell that will tell you how.

I agree with 94, getting a third degree burn actually is the worst pain anyone can ever endure.

labudamike 6

I think scraping your knee hurts more

Oww fuck that

I'd thumb up 70 but I guess he's some kind of retard and doesn't know how to spell.. Terrible.

uhhRawr 7

82- I think you might have that backwards

The worst pain ever was when Charlie bit me and it's still hurtin'.

SW500 13

#104/105- Actually yes, twice...

Agh screw you

At least you didnt land in your grandmother's secret feral cat nest.

So2011 4

Now you know that you should never trust your grandma or husband to help you when your "stuck".

Mr25_fml 14

never trust trailer bathrooms

It was a booby trap!!

I see what you did there.

desireev 17

So did everyone else...

Waswashere, comedy gold.

melanie177 1

Well played.

jaredjudd21 2

Yes Michael I'm positive everyone else did too.

RebekahBrooke 9

lol, boobie trap :3 but your husband should have helped you after laughing...

trippythehippy 6

She didn't say he didn't help after. He probably did. Sounds like a good guy to me

RebekahBrooke 9

oh, well, yeah. I meant it like... I hope he did. :) it would be mean if he didn't.

Hope his husband is Good Guy Greg

To be honest I would laugh too, but definitely not pleasant for the boobs.

You must be a very tall woman, or the counter is extremely low. Does not matter really. FYL anyway.

Or you have a pair of very high Winnebagos....

Or a woman who has very large boobs

I would have laughed myself if that happened to me, there would be pee all in that soft spot :D

lindseykcool 6

No there wouldn't! Because you would've already went to the bathroom. :D

Multiple pees. O_o

iceprice 7

Damn they mean

Grammatical error aside, why even post this? That was what the OP wished for you to obtain from this FML, there's no need to waste the comment...

Shut up nazi