By ohmygod - 20/06/2013 05:49 - United States

Today, I was eating lunch when my grandmother came over and started watching me. Suddenly she said, "I see you're getting breasts". I'm a guy. FML
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Elderly people for the win, again.

grahmagog 14

I got the moobs like jabba


Elderly people for the win, again.

tehaustiebear 34

Perhaps OP was eating chicken, and the piece he recieved was the breast?

Your a big boy now

This is becoming some sort of elderly FML competition. XD

Where is our goddamn old people category?

Time to lay off the chocolate spread!

Time to drop the fork and pick up some dumbbells

Weird that she even noticed... Why was she even looking?

timss4 19

Cause looking at anyones torso isn't unnatural at all...?

there's alwaaaays a smartass -.- I just thought it was weird that his grandma was looking at his man boobies. Fucka yoo bic boi for making me feel stupid

#44, not even Buk Lau will get you out of this one. Wai yu do dis too dae?

Wizardo 33

Probably from eating too much or your grandmother's glasses are so thick she can see into the future at a time where you do have some breastases.

that's my new word "breastases" sounds so fancy

To which you replied "That's how it all starts gramps. First you see things, then you hear things, and then the mind finally lets go. You know, I'll be the one looking after you, if you could legally call it that"

dontpanic_fml 32


grahmagog 14

I got the moobs like jabba

This comment made my day! Thank you. :)

jw90 18

Maybe it's time to think about exercise?

"I see yours are past your knees." *Eats ice cream*

Haha good one!!

Yeah! They're like normal breasts exept no-one likes moobs.

MzZombicidal 36

The elderly can be quite mean! Just don't let it upset you too much, OP. :)