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By  LostInTheZone11  |  28

While it may not have worked in this case because you had to be close to your son, I've learned you dive deep into the pool to release it if you can't get out in time.

  allie2590  |  30

What is she supposed to do? Jump out of the pool, let out a big, wet-sounding fart on the deck in front of everyone and then jump back in? I think everyone would've called her the fart monster at that point.

By  tygerarmy  |  35

People fart, why do you care? Should have just laughed it off and chased your sin around, threatening to fart on him.
Now if you shit yourself in a pool, then you'd have a problem fart monster.

  nonsensical  |  26

Sin, son... What's the difference?


By  khadishja  |  12

my dad did this once and I called him "the bubble maker" for two days.