By skyhawk13 - 30/10/2009 05:11 - United States

Today, at my school's Midnight Madness, I was selected to show my school spirit in a contest. Being drunk, I decided to hump the school mascot in front of 300 people. FML
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Lmfao!!!!!! Lol op tht sux for u

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I want a YTM option added for you the man, thats f'n hilarious. I hope someone got it on video and its on you tube right now,

jchansfan 0

Did the mascot enjoy it or are you looking at a restraining order? :P

wellinever 5

You win at Midnight Madness. Is that a good thing? Is that mascot talking to you today?

Worse. The mascot won't stop following him around.

PimpMyFML 0

You must've won then. If not, there's always next year, give him the reverse cowgirl.

jchansfan 0

I hope your mascot was a goat or pig or something. You would look so hilarious.