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  redbluegreen  |  40

Well no, but it can always help to educate. If they haven't been properly educated, that's one thing. But if they know the risks, and engage in doing so anyway, that's no one's fault but theirs.

  ssnepenthe  |  0

It's like abstinence. Are you really going to convince a bunch of teens with hormone levels through the roof that they should wait until marriage or love to have sex? Probably not. But they do it anyway.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

Exactly. And by college, they should know all the risks. Most college students have already formed their morals and values, and have either already had alcohol or never really will much.
Studies prove, those who don't drink much by 21 don't drink much after, when it's legal.

By  plutosaplanet  |  0

keep getting your co presenter more drunk. the RAs did that while we were in college, they took a shot every 30 or 60 minutes throughout the night in the dorm to show how it affects you.


sounds like your RAs were just sart asses enjoying the alcohol... I dont see how that would help at all...

Taking a shot every half hour or so is accomplishing what?? Showing how much their fellow classmates can drink before they get "out of control"??

Thats rediculous....I would assume that would just make peope drink more, because I highly doubt the school allowed the RAs to get so drunk that they caused a commotion, which is what the big concern is in the first place.

By  jmeg_fml  |  0


What a great opportunity though. Think of the possibilities. He's pretty much a great example of how much of an idiot you look like and how incompetent you are when you show up to responsibilities drunk.

Plus it's just really funny.