By Anonymous - 30/10/2009 06:02 - United States

Today, I took this gorgeous girl from work to eat at Olive Garden. I was trying to be romantic and had the waiter bring two glasses of wine. I guess she doesn't really drink wine, she covered her fettucini Alfredo in vomit. After dinner, she thanked me with a french kiss. FML
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Lol, that sounds beautiful and romantic.

In some cultures, vomiting on your food is considered respectable and a sign of favor in the locals' eyes.


Lol, that sounds beautiful and romantic.

whoa! you got the first post!

why would she kiss you if she threw up? o.o

That's the fucking point, #38.

Funny, my dates always seem to get sick from the rohypnol in their wine, not the wine itself.

It would have been beautiful and romantic. If it wasn't so gross. Also.. Wtf? Is this the second Olive Garden FML today?

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that's gross not disgusting

53 - Sick people are less fun to rape

You're dumb, why'd you let the floozy kiss you? Naaaasty!

#13 you fail #1 wins for not claiming he/she got the first comment

yeah dude you won quit complaining

In some cultures, vomiting on your food is considered respectable and a sign of favor in the locals' eyes.

exactly what I was thinking! :D

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#2 actually, it's not vomiting, it's burping. it's a sign that you liked your food in Arabic culture.

#97 it was a joke

Just for people who can't handle it... it saves all the wine for people like me who drink like a fish! buahaha

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Today, I got a text from my boyfriend that said, "Last week was the most embarassing time of my life, we're over." He was of course referring to the seizure that I had due to my epilepsy at Olive Garden. FML close enough

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he's a dick. yu deserve better

What an asshole!!!!! Start looking for someone kind & caring!!!!

113 and 122, she was referring to an old fml:p

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It was a he

Only for her! Leaves more for me... I can handle my drinks! :D

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I agree. I mean, a glass of wine at an Italian restaurant? Jeez dude, have you considered rehab?

ya know, in some cultures they only eat vomit. yeah. i read about a book.

I noticed that too. Must be the same couple?

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Dodge Duck Dip Dive and Dodge!

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THIS! Don't order stuff for your date. Polite guys ask first. And no, Olive Garden isn't a classy place, but in some towns it's the best they have.

How can they 'only eat vomit' if you have to eat in order to vomit?|: OP: That sucks, but YDI for taking your date to Olive Garden to be 'romantic' and ordering for her.

it's a reference from the movie Dodgeball. :/

Lick my testicles. I will enjoy it. PS You should be happy. Even though it was vomit-y, at least her french-kissing you shows that she likes you. And she's hawt. And I spelled it wrong. My balls.

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Fuck her life for dating an alcoholic or soon-to-be alcoholic.

because they have wine? that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard

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for having a glass of wine? your not too bright.

Cunning_Cupcake 0 thinks it might have been the ambiance that made her ill