By Anonymous - / Friday 30 October 2009 06:02 / United States
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By  elenaa_fml  |  0

Today, I got a text from my boyfriend that said, "Last week was the most embarassing time of my life, we're over." He was of course referring to the seizure that I had due to my epilepsy at Olive Garden. FML

close enough

  xkat356  |  0

How can they 'only eat vomit' if you have to eat in order to vomit?|:

OP: That sucks, but YDI for taking your date to Olive Garden to be 'romantic' and ordering for her.

  popoman  |  0

Lick my testicles. I will enjoy it.

You should be happy. Even though it was vomit-y, at least her french-kissing you shows that she likes you. And she's hawt. And I spelled it wrong. My balls.

By  donkey_hang_down  |  2

I dont think it was the wine.

The food alone at Olive Garden tastes like vomit, so maybe she liked it and wanted to taste it again.

Next time choose a decent restaurant... BUT at least you got what you wanted

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