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Today, I was chaperoning at my local high school's Homecoming dance. Outside the gym, I saw some kids drinking, so I walked over to stop them. One of them promptly spun around and punched me in the mouth. I had my ass handed to by a drunk 9th grader. FML
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His future doesn't seem very bright anyway.

Now look here you young wippersnaps. Alcohol is bad ok? So let me take these and... SMACK!


His future doesn't seem very bright anyway.

Unless he joins the UFC and cleans up his act a bit. He handed someone that we can assume is considerably older than they were their ass in one swing.

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Some teacher you are, that last sentence is a grammar catastrophe!

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Wait, just realized you don't have to be a teacher to be a chaperone, oh well OP you still got... schooled

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What are you talking about? Everybody drinks in highschool. That dosent mean hes mot going to have a good life.

Oh my god! Underage kids drinking without a permit!!

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"Officer I didn't mean to beat these children but it was self defense. He was 8 feet tall and in a drunken homicidal rage! I had to defend myself!"

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true a sophmore and they think they own the place

Since when is one punch in the mouth "getting your ass handed to you?"

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38. I'm in high school and I don't drink.

35- how is the last sentence incorrect??

What does age have to do with anything ?

Social Security and Senior Discount at the local Goodwill.

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17 or older. If you fallow the website policy.

What does that have to do with anything

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it has to do with how big of a bitch he should feel like for having his ass beat by a fifteen year old haha

Dumb ass if he's 18 or older he will get arrested for assaulting a minor. Since he was chaperoning I'm pretty sure he was.

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Well he cld be 14 too...damn that sucks

107- He didn't punch the kid, the kid punched him

Its ok. Wasn't it somewhat like a surprise attack?

Now look here you young wippersnaps. Alcohol is bad ok? So let me take these and... SMACK!

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Drug and alcohol are bad mkay...

You can do it, it's all up to you! Mkaaaaaaaaaaay!

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"wippersnappers" is a funny word :3

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Where did the kids manage to get alcohol and how did they manage to smuggle it into the school??

#64 it's not hard to take drugs or alcohol onto school grounds, not every school checks their students for this stuff. When I was in high school there were kids with guns in their back packs. Unless your school is damn near like a prison, it's fairly easy to get things in.

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72- mine sorta is we got cameras pretty much on every hallway...but I mean ppl get drugs on just not alcohol

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Dude, are you mentally handicapped? Being "Nosey" at a school dance is a Chaperone's job. It keeps everybody safe.

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Nosy... I think. No. Now I know why the grammer fewer dosent lick me

89- what....? Grammar? Huh...? Confused....

Don't feel bad, just watch The Butterfly Effect. That movie taught me a valuable lesson concerning young kids. Don't **** with the psychotic ones.

In the alternate endings they cease their existence. Shame about it being alternate.

Sounds like an extraordinary kid right there.

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Idk if sarcasm was intended but how is 9th graders drinking alcohol extraordinary??

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Ok I thought but had to make sure lol

Good thing you skipped capitalizing the Y and a period at the end. Otherwise someone would've beaten you to the punch.

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Uhmm isn't that her job when yur a chaperone? Just wondering...

That's ok. Just promptly accidentally kick him in the nuts. Say you saw a spider on his crotch. If he's really drunk, he might believe you.

Hopefully you didnt brush your teeth this morning and one of your teeth grazed his knuckles. He'll be sorry.

^^^ That was just lame and made no sense what so ever....

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The human mouth contains an intense amount of bacteria, an untended wound from someone's mouth can become severely infected, to the point of becoming gangrenous

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