By lifesucks - 24/02/2009 19:21 - United States

Today, I walked into work after being completly wasted last night. I was sitting in a meeting when all of a sudden the presenter had gotten an e-mail saying "crazy girl dances on tables at local bar". So obviously everyone wanted to watch it. That crazy girl was me. FML
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holynemesis1208 3

did they ask for a reinactment?


blackberry92 0

i've been in meetings, which were informal, where at the end someone shows something funny from their email. That's a tough break, not really your fault.

holynemesis1208 3

did they ask for a reinactment?

ohhhhh_dear 0

im calling your bluff. and if it really did happen. then its so your fault.

your fault... getting that wasted is just stupid...

burdenofaday 0

Getting that wasted is great. Getting that wasted on a weekday is what's stupid. :P I, too, wish to see this video. >:]

that is awesome.. tell your boss you give private dances and get a raise.. im just saying we all could use a lil extra money lol

This reminds me of when someone's parents realize their daugther is on Girls Gone Wild.