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so do you still have this job?

did they ask for a reinactment?


video? it wasn't your fault

so do you still have this job?

i've been in meetings, which were informal, where at the end someone shows something funny from their email. That's a tough break, not really your fault.

did they ask for a reinactment?

im calling your bluff. and if it really did happen. then its so your fault.

What's the link to that video???

your fault... getting that wasted is just stupid...

Getting that wasted is great. Getting that wasted on a weekday is what's stupid. :P I, too, wish to see this video. >:]

that is awesome.. tell your boss you give private dances and get a raise.. im just saying we all could use a lil extra money lol


This reminds me of when someone's parents realize their daugther is on Girls Gone Wild.