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Today, at football practice, a 200lb lineman ended up landing on my stomach. The weight made me shit myself. My new nickname is "Muddbutt". FML
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Don't worry, at least you're not called Skidmarks.

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hopefully some of your shit got on the guy


That's disgusting, **** your teams lives.

It obviously wasn't intentional. There's something's your body can't control. I think it's more **** OP's life.

At least you didn't have to shove it through the drain with your big toe. Good man taking the Browns to the Super Bowl :)

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if you're going to complain about the nickname Muddbutt, then i'm going to call you Asswipe :D

No I'd say **** OP's life, the dude who fell on him could have broke a rib >

Laurenlou 24

Terrible things can happen in any sport. Not just in football. Gosh just give up. No one cares that you don't like the sport.

Hey, lucky for OP, he's still in middle school, or at very mediocre high school at best.

I don't know too many 200 pound middle schoolers, so I'm guessing high school.

85- when I was in middle school we had a 285lbs lineman on our team. I do however come from a very competitive and pedigree'd school district in Texas. No linemen on our high school team were as small as 200lbs.

"No one asked for you opinion,You filthy little Mudbutt!"-Sincerely,Draco Malfoy.

It's also probably muscle hence the sport is football....

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If the lineman is 200lbs then maybe you should get in the weight room and learn to work!

Did I make your life?I don't recall ever meeting your mother..Just kidding.

161, can't tell if you're trolling or just really stupid

Mudblood....regardless if it's a joke, it's not funny.

83 & 102, it never ceases to amaze me about how stupid your comments are.

the same thing happened to a teammate last year. he was known as shartley and shitler

Wow the shower poo's really being 'milked' for all its worth

^ I didn't want this comment to go here FML you silly sausage

I've taken note it's mudblood but changed it for slight comedic value pertaining to this FML story.

130, you're kidding about not having net his mother, right?

I said I don't recall,so its very well possible.*Shh I'm not ready to be a father!*

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Felix_Felicis15 8

Thanks,you can be my lover I suppose,Your as good as any afterall.

102- soft! At my primary school our linebackers were all at least 10 ft tall, weighed over 500 pounds, could run 40 yards in 2.1 seconds and could bench 600 pounds. But then again I went to a very prestigious primary school in Zimbabwe.

"Hey mudbutt how ya doin?" "oh you know, same shit different day" *sigh* i tried

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78- Apparently shit happens too fast...

102- in 7th and 8th grade I couldn't even play because I weighed 165 lbs and that's "too much" :/ lucky you

Don't worry, at least you're not called Skidmarks.

I wish my nickname was Muddbutt. Fluffy is a shitty nickname...

#12 Say that to gabriel inglesias, I bet he would like a word with you...

I love that guy! I wanted to be Husky... Or even DAMN! But noo.. I got fluffy.

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I would have called him sh*tcrack, but whatever.

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This FML reminds me of the scene of Longest Yard where one of the cons makes one of the cops shit himself.

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Taking the browns to the superbowl!

200 lbs isn't that big for a high school linemen

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Honestly, football isn't really my sport, but I'll watch it. That doesn't mean I'll go tackle some guy in tights just for a ball that isn't round. But, ya know...that's just my opinion.

that_nerdy_sock 3

All I'm saying is that it doesn't seem like a very intelligent sport. But that's an OPINION. I don't think 200 pound guys jumping on each other is so smart. Again. It's an opinion!

Whether you call it a smart sport or not doesn't relate to the fml of op ******** himself while playing

Your opinion had nothing to do with the FML therefore it was not needed...

that_nerdy_sock 3

a sport that causes you to shit your self...ya know what? Whatever. Thumbs it down. Cause your cool Like that.

Laurenlou 24

The sport didn't cause him to shit himself. A 200lb guy landing on him did.

that_nerdy_sock 3

But the lineman wouldn't fall on him if he weren't playing football.

You really need to know when to stop talking.

Laurenlou 24

Terrible things can happen in any sport. Not just in football. Gosh just give up. No one cares that you don't like the sport.

**** you. Football is a great sport that is very complex and is based all around teamwork.

15-I play football and I have a 4.0 GPA so I would have to disagree.

I recall reading it,but it's gone!I don't think it was inappropriate...Was it? Never question an FML moderator,It was!

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No. It's ODD but it happens.

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hopefully some of your shit got on the guy

200 pounds isn't even that much in football though. OP must be skinny. Or he just had to shit really bad during practice that day. I hate when that happens.

If he were 90 pounds he wouldnt be a lineman. Im one of the smaller lineman on my team and im 205 lbs

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I know a QB that hits them when they run at him ha. Not many but this guy is awesome:D

55- Last year I was first string QB, & I'm A Skinny Kid. I was fairly around 125, so getting ran over by a 200 lb lineman didn't really do damage. Not that I got hit, that is.

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Okay this is all I can say WHAT THE ****?!!!!

K_kanaka 26

51 I'm actually dumbfounded because it's the first time I've heard of someone ******** themselves because a much bigger person squashed them. 53 no I'm not confused sexually

Make a mudpie with it, and throw it at their faces.

How come 6 and 9 have pretty much the same comment but one is thumbed down and the other one up? I don't get it...

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Because the idea in 9's is Far worse than the idea in 6's Plus in 6's it would be the other guy's fault & in 9's it would be an utterly disgusting malicious act by op

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That's a shitty situation OP...

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Am I the only one who sees OP holding his butt and running out of the stadium? ;D

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No one cares what you think of football. That's no where near the point of the FML.