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By  SunnyUserName123  |  5

That's disgusting, fuck your teams lives.

  Keyman1212  |  14

85- when I was in middle school we had a 285lbs lineman on our team. I do however come from a very competitive and pedigree'd school district in Texas. No linemen on our high school team were as small as 200lbs.

  thatfrenchguy  |  8

102- soft! At my primary school our linebackers were all at least 10 ft tall, weighed over 500 pounds, could run 40 yards in 2.1 seconds and could bench 600 pounds. But then again I went to a very prestigious primary school in Zimbabwe.

By  that_nerdy_sock  |  3

Honestly, football isn't really my sport, but I'll watch it. That doesn't mean I'll go tackle some guy in tights just for a ball that isn't round. But, ya know...that's just my opinion.


All I'm saying is that it doesn't seem like a very intelligent sport. But that's an OPINION. I don't think 200 pound guys jumping on each other is so smart. Again. It's an opinion!

  ArchxAngel  |  9

55- Last year I was first string QB, & I'm A Skinny Kid. I was fairly around 125, so getting ran over by a 200 lb lineman didn't really do damage. Not that I got hit, that is.

  K_kanaka  |  26

51 I'm actually dumbfounded because it's the first time I've heard of someone shitting themselves because a much bigger person squashed them.

53 no I'm not confused sexually

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

Because the idea in 9's is Far worse than the idea in 6's
Plus in 6's it would be the other guy's fault & in 9's it would be an utterly disgusting malicious act by op