By authorsubmit - 04/05/2012 12:49 - United States

Today, I was at the gym trying to impress a hot girl, so I put an extra 30 pounds on the bar, I lowered, pushed... and pooped. FML
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I'm imagining the OP as something like what would happen if you put a dictionary on top of an open tube of toothpaste... Thanks for that, OP. :/

He's going to the gym for all the wrong reasons. I know a few people at my gym that just go to socialize its so annoying

22- I totally hear that. My favorites are the girls with full faces of makeup trying to look cute and not sweat orange ooze onto their white towels.

26-Orange, runny, sweaty cakefaces... This actually grosses me out more than the thought of human shit does.

It's great? I thought it was kinda shitty myself. But oh well, "trying to impress" is an instant YDI in my book.

What an epic waste of time. Now you have to buy new undies, shorts, and a new gym membership.

bigtaytay 13

I see where OP is coming from. When I'm at the gym and there's a hot girl it motivates me to work harder. But I'm not stupid enough to add 30 lbs....maybe like 10 lol

Jakesterk96 8

If a hot girl was watching me work out, I'd just continue and talk to her afterwards, not try to kill myself, but that's just me.

tjv3 10

I'm sorry man but that really made me laugh out loud

Inheritance 10

Bright side you dropped some weight in the process :D

Shit dude but you totally deserved it... HAHAHA aget it?! Shit dude?! Lol

kirrra 11

22 I thumbed you up because I agree with your comment, but also had to say this, we don't know if op goes to the gym to meet girls,maybe this was an exceptionally hot girl so she caught his attention? either way,op,fyl. nobody deserves that!

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No, more along the lines of 2 girls 1 cup.

fricknugget 3

My god i'm crying some of these comments are better than the actual post!!

RobinKCS 9

Loss of what, his poop baby? Or his chance with the hot chick?

Please. OP lost control of his grip on reality long before he crushed his bowels into submission. I ain't sorry.

For his loss of poop!!! HAHAHA totally made my whole day!!

skullofdarkness 18

Lmao, this just made my day! XD

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If I had a great day this fml would still have made my day even better :)

Leave your ego at home next time. You could've seriously hurt yourself.

Lol well he hurt something for sure... Sucks to be you OP you get what you deserve and find a new gym by tomorrow everyone will know shitbrick

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Yeah. He might push his whole system out next time.

Completely agree. Not only did he deserve it, he could have hurt himself rather badly. I've seen idiots do this kind of thing at the gym I frequent. Very dangerous.

While true, we wouldn't have this hilarious FML.

Well damn, don't look too appealing. You've got to at least give other people a chance

"In your pants along with the rest of your shit!"

Lesson learned: go to the bathroom before trying to impress pretty girls.

I'm impressed that you pooped your pants. It takes talent to do that.

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