By GoDiarrhea - / Thursday 4 March 2010 18:52 / Argentina
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  reyemrein  |  0

He could have walked in and said "let's go honey, your test results are ready. They had better be negative or we're going to have you put down just like we did your brother."

  boopityboppity  |  10

My guess is that someone had been bashing TKD, but due to the comments glitch, snick's reply was posted as a standalone comment. Then the comment she had been replying to disappeared for the same reason.
Or maybe she did just misinterpret the FML. Occam's Razor and all that.

  Fedor_is_KING  |  0

I think she was talking to me. I wasn't bashing it, because taking any MA is better than none, I just think it's more of a pretty MA that is a bit too traditional, but that's just my opinion, if TKD helped Snickers lay a beatdown on some fool, good for her :D

  jsusfreek927  |  0

@28: I took TKD for four years. got to 3rd degree black belt, certified instructor...got to run a class of thirty wild little kids...
er...where was I going with this...
oh. I learned a lot from TKD. I could kill some giant attacker if I had to, and I'm a little 20 year old, 125 lb girl. just sayin. it works.

  AznWaffle8  |  0

But then the dad got to post,
"Today, I picked up my daughter from taekwondo because she was having bad diahreea. As I walked in, I explained to everyone present it was because she was 'shitting her pants with fear'. MLIA"

  UberFail79  |  0

I hereby argue on the behalf of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. And Sig-Sauer. Screw with me, and you get two .357 SIG rounds to the chest, and one to the head.
Taekwondo is great, but always supplement martial arts with good ol' fashioned firepower. Buy a subcompact Glock or something.

  UberFail79  |  0

You are either literally mentally retarded, or just an asshole, but you just offended me to the pit of my soul. Firearms are the best way of self-defense against almost any physical threat. There is a massive amount of evidence to back me up, as well as eight years worth of preparation to deal with ignorant people such as you.
Don't ever even joke about that to a hoplophile. Let's see you perform a taekwondo technique over 600 yards.


Today, nearing the end of my pregnancy, I went to a local pool. While attempting to swim on my stomach, I turned a little to the left, and buoyancy took over and I ended up belly-up and flailing, causing a very large man to then laugh so hard, he choked. FML

By ciammmm - / Friday 8 April 2016 00:23 / United States - Sierra Vista
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