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Today, some pig slapped my ass as he passed me in the street, then looked back at me with a dirty grin. His grin turned to horror when he realized that I'm actually a guy, then to anger as he bitched me out for "tricking" him by "looking like a chick". FML
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Perverts like him should be locked up. What a disgrace to the male gender. Sorry OP


Perverts like him should be locked up. What a disgrace to the male gender. Sorry OP

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It was a reference to the slap ass video by key & peele, I was hoping a few people might get it

i agree. it doesnt matter what gender a person is, no one has any right to put their hands on anyone, especially if you dont know them. and then hes going to get mad. his fault. what a creep.

I got the reference, it was a good one!

Should have said. "no this is sexual harassment and I don't have to take it

Uh, I hate idiots who do things like that. Hope the slap wasn't too hard OP!

I say good on OP, how many women does this happen to a day who wouldn't defend themself?

I don't think OP actually defended himself....he just IS a guy.

That lad was lucky he could have been knocked out if it was someone else

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Like a black belt / boxer? (Me :L)

Yeah..... I have a few friends female and male that would have dropped him on the spot for that. The females might have castrated him on top of it.

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Pfft, who needs Super Man when you've shook hands with Chuck Norris?

Yeah I suffer from that disorder known as chick butt apparently from what people tell me. I don't know how good that is though.

You should never tell someone to take harassment as a compliment.

I was just trying to make better of the situation. I have had that happen to me before.

But it often is a compliment. if a douchebag is trying to get with me and keeps touching me or whatever I hate him with every inch of my soul and do whatever i can to get him to leave me alone, however I'm aware it's because he thinks I'm attractive and of course it's flattering. I don't think an ass slap is really a compliment though, it's more of a guys way to "put her in her place" and they tend to pick chick's who they think would be easy.

What the heck? No, harassing someone isn't a complement, it's harassment.

Should have punched him in the face. Maybe he'll think twice next time he wants to violate someone who (he thinks) can't defend herself.

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Themselves*. No one deserves to be in that situation, male or female

Yes, but in the guy's mind it was "herself", since he thought OP was a girl.

Exactly, 128. And he likely treats women with disrespect because he thinks a woman wouldn't be able to beat him up.

Should have looked at him, smiled and said "call me". Teaches him to keep his hands to himself to avoid this kind of stuff.

haha! I wish I could give this comment 2 thumbs up!

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Should have also walked up and kissed him on the cheek

Hmm #7 but that may have resulted in the op being assaulted further :/

You should said let's hang out sometime like a popular girl.

Why do some guys think that's okay? One time a guy I knew slapped mine and you best believe he never did it again

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She slapped his ass back. With his own severed limbs.

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#34, your profile picture just discribes the guys reaction as all of it unfolds! Lol

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I can understand if a guy slaps his girlfriend's ass as a joke

I've slapped a friend of mine's ass... But she never felt any issue punching me so I figure it's fair

Haha girl butt! I'm sorry OP. At least you have a nice behind.

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Blaming you for his own mistake Typical american Wait.. I'm american too... Gosh OP, what's the matter with you? How dare you Look like a girl! Geez.. No consideration for that poor man who just wanted to slap a girls ass..

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Since you brought in the American hyperbole, I'm going to run with it and suggest that OP should be careful as his misrepresenting ass was too fine and the pig may sue him for that. Causing undue stress and making him be gay.

Hahah darn "Americans" love it! See we are not all bad, we can make fun of ourselves!