By George - 15/01/2013 20:53 - United States - Vancouver

Today, I got a new girlfriend. Unfortunately, the last girl I asked out just responded to my relationship request on Facebook. It's been 4 hours, and my new girlfriend already thinks I'm cheating on her. FML
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Did you ask these girls out over Facebook...

Wait... did you ask her out by a relationship status on FACEBOOK?! What has the world come to...


Tristyxxx 24

it didn't occur to just ask?

I literally have no words... Like did OP never speak to this girl like "hey I like you, let's date", so he just sent a relationship request??? And didn't think to... Oh I dunno.... Cancel the request? Or better yet not have used it as a pick up line?! My god.

How many girls have you asked out? You must really need a girlfriend

Something about the way he said "Today, I got a new girlfriend" makes it sound like he just went down to the store and purchased her. Like the old one broke or something.

1, OP says "The last girl I asked out" and he never said that he asked her via Facebook. He would have asked her out then made a relationship request (little fast if you ask me) but the girl didn't respond until it was a little late in the game. The problem here is that THAT girl still thinks she and OP are in a relationship, so other than sorting out the cheating bit, OP should also sort out that miscommunication error.

22, slight correction: you literally have 51 words.

Let me just put this out there. I am single and looking for a relationship. if you are interested just get back to me sometime in the future, maybe a month or two, and let me know we are in a relationship. *This is the Internet, so yes I am joking.

60- righto chap.

I love you too.

I'm feelin the love.

#46 you start every post with "today" on fml.

112 -_- just.. God you're stupid..

Did you ask these girls out over Facebook...

MrBrightside21 20

I usually use World Of Warcraft. But one time I went out with a centaur. Turned out she was a man, who cheated on me. Filthy Manwhorse.

24- This reminds me of how Ted asked this girl out on How I Met Your Mother.

oj101 33

Who said romance was dead?

24-I feel totally nerdy correcting you but, they're called Tauren. And they're actually part cow.

MrBrightside21 20

47 - Mr. Tumnus and that centaur from Harry Potter say they disagree.

tjv3 10

Does that even count lol

Mr. Tumnus ia a faun...

MrBrightside21 20

61 - Are you saying Mr. Tumnus is wrong? Google agrees with him too. Centaur - In Greek mythology, a centaur (from Greek: Κένταυρος, Kéntauros) or hippocentaur is a member of a composite race of creatures, part human and part horse. Mr. Tumnus is never wrong, sir.

AurumPotestasEst 16

Mr. Tumnus isn't a centaur... he's a faun.

MrBrightside21 20

I am aware of Mr. Tumnus being a faun. I was implying that Mr. Tumnus knows what he's saying because he is a hybrid. I have read every single book from Narnia and did my 4th grade book report on The Witch and the Wardrobe. Now let's all just go back to playing WoW and act like this never happened.

I ******* love WoW. I have a beloved rogue, I stalk people on my hunter, I heal shit all day with my paladin, I've neglected my death knight though.. But I'm currently leveling a shaman, and I use to have a level capped Druid, and a Mage.. My e-penis was huge gais.

^So much nerd radiating from this guy. >.>

dontpanic_fml 32

It's The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and any halfway fan of The Chronicles of Narnia knows that. Alright, I'm not saying you're not, but seriously. If you know the books like you say you do there is NO WAY you would ever, ever make that mistake. And for anyone who's confused or wondering, Mr. Tumnus is a faun.

I'm pretty sure Mr Tumnus is half-goat, half-human which has nothing to do with being part-horse..

After I read this whole conversation, I forgot what the FML was about.

Are we able to stick our dicks in computers yet and **** those instead of people? B/c it seems like alot people would never leave the house

Wait... did you ask her out by a relationship status on FACEBOOK?! What has the world come to...

It still makes no sense, it seemed like it took some time for her to respond. And then, shouldn't you atleast talk to her before sending a relationship status to her? Since it seems she werent aware of it or just ignored it? He should've cancelled it or something. I mean what...

Who requests a relationship status after just asking a girl out? Notice he didn't say last girl I took out or dated.

If I had to read between the lines, the two conversed in real life, and OP developed a liking for this chick. Consequently, he sent her a Facebook relationship request after some time passed, but unfortunately, the lady he was interested in seemingly refused the request. Fast-forward to present day. OP meets a new girl, sees that she's amiable, and decides that she is the one with whom he wants to be in a relationship. Shortly after making it official, ol' girl decides that she wants to accept the request, unbeknownst to OP. Clusterfuck cheating scandal ensues. OP, get in here and clarify this shit, before I write a book.

*checks out profile picture* "good enough" *sends relationship request*

Wtf? Wouldn't you normally talk to the person before sending them a relationship status? Obviously you two didn't hit it off well if you already have a new girlfriend

Did you ask her out with a Facebook request? It's ok that's hardly a girlfriend hahaha you're not cheating.

Dusty_Busters 15

Yea how sad

dirton89 7

Well, got some explaining or some fixing to do before this becomes some odd love triangle...or just simply end up alone.

6, your expression fits perfectly with what you said!

It wouldn't be a triangle unless OP's new girlfriend has the hots for the other chick. It's more of a love-line.

This is why we always wait 3 days OP

You're such a player!

If George is 12 this FML kind of makes sense