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Today, my school's 6'2, 270-pound, 375-pound bench-pressing football superstar knocked me unconscious in one hit. With a dodgeball. FML
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loller27 6

You have to know the 5 D's of dodgeball. Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge.


If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball...


Avoriginies_fml_fml 14

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball...

MichellinMan 20

unfortunately, you can say that about every FML.

oXali 0

Roid rage dodge ball much?...

I don't see why this was bad. I understand getting knocked out sucks, but I'd rather it be the football star than the school nerd?

This sucks :/ well at least this should give you motivation to actually work out a bit more and try a workout program like P90X. Just sayin' for your health

You seem to know a lot of info of this guy... Even his bench press...

iamabamf 17

Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.

Could've been worse! "Today my school's 6'2, 2

sexylol_fml 4

Oh my gosh I feel so bad for you! I have always hated that game!

I don't get it. Is he 270 lbs or 350 lbs???

borkchop1992 15

Holy shit our 6'7 245 pound water polo star player probably couldn't do that

I've never been able to understand why in America just because someone's good at sport they have to be the king of the school. In Ireland sport has nothing to do with social status..

borkchop1992 15

I'm not saying he's king of the school im just saying that he has a pretty good throw since he does water polo...

In my school we are all just equal, that whole "jocks are cool" thing is a myth. I also live in America too *gasp*

RamenForTheWin 10

#12 Great, I'm moving there in a week. That'll be a refresher.

23 - terrible comment. Just terrible.. Thats not stereo typing, that's just stating a fact that the kid has a mean throw.

I'm 6'2 weigh 200 lbs and bench 255. Yes I'm in football. But guess what? I am definitely not a jock. I play more video games than I work out, and I treat the "nerds" and the "cool kids" all the same. With respect as long as I get it back. Don't judge based off of the school title. That means nothing when it comes to character.

afunnyterdcody 5

Water polo is for queers haha but its cool

#2 I wasn't saying that's what you meant I was just commenting on the fact it does seem to be the case in a lot of schools! Most Americans I know seem to agree that "jocks" and "nerds" etc are actual social statuses in their school's.

at my school the jocks are "popular" I don't mind a few most are okay but two or three are just total douche bags

cruxx 0

Everyone at my school was a happy go lucky ray of ******* sunshine. It was kinda scary

111 - I see where you're coming from; the media generally seems to reinforce the idea that American schools are split between nerds, jocks, etc. Personally, I don't really think that's how it is in most American schools but I wouldn't really know since I only know the schools around my area. xD Like #27 said, at my school & the schools nearby, the idea of social class doesn't really exist. Heck, the smarter kids are always much more respected at my school & it's a school that's not doing so well. And generally the nerds are the cooler ones and they can be really athletic and sociable too. I know that the media always make it seem like American schools have social classes but in reality, as much as I've experienced, we don't.

My school is band geeks, jrotc people, and other

I play neopets (waits for thumbs down...)

94 I'm 6'3" 290 and I played football too. And I've never been mean to anyone at my school. Some of my best friends weren't some of the cool people. I feel like that whole "jock" is only in the movies or sometime ago.

At my school there are definately groups like band geek, jock, prep, skater douche, etc. Me and my friends all play sports and I guess you could call us jocks but we are nice to almost everybody

The lower classmen in my school seem particularly fixated on different social groups, but when it comes right down to it with the upper classmen, they're much better about putting aside differences. It's mostly a matter of learning to accept others regardless of where society says they should be categorized.

I live in Texas and football players are not kings of the school. I don't even know who they are. o___o

212 my school was almost the same way. Except on a much much smaller scale. They didn't completely fixate on it but if you looked really hard enough it's there. Our junior year we all became friends.

bamagrl410 31

Why does everyone assume that just because we place a lot of emphasis on sports, our athletes are automatically assholes who treat other non-athletes like crap? My school and even school district was never like that. Athletes are well-known, sure. But not everyone is a stuck up, egocentric jerk just because they enjoy playing sports. *sigh*

I'm 8'8" 750 pounds benching 1000 pounds and I never have a problem with anyone. I'm so accepting of everybody. *surprised nobody has done this yet with all the stat dropping*

In my highschool (which is not in the US) you couldn't simply point out some stereotype, each class had it's own dynamics, people got along differently according to their class, and you could pretty much see a class in which everyone was nice to each other, then go next door and see the exact opposite, as for the stereotype of US schools, for what I've heard from people who go there it's mostly true, at least in most highschools, for those of you who say there's no such thing in your schools, that's just great, and that's how it's supposed to be, although I don't think you can speak for your entire school based only on how things are for you.

HaleyXx_fml 11

#239 if your really 8 ft 8 then you should call the guineas book of world records.

Yep, I'm sure guinea pigs are interested in big people. Funny random fact, we eat guinea pigs in my country.

Random fact : eating guinea pigs in my country is shunned upon

HaleyXx_fml 11

It's called auto correct I didn't even spell it like that so stfu you ignorant person. Your verbal sarcasm isn't even amusing.

Who's to say this isn't karmas way of catching up to OP for something they previously done?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It might be, 33, but that doesn't mean OP's assailant is off the hook. Otherwise we can justify all our bad actions with them being karma for whoever they affected. It would be nice, though!

What's OP mean and -(what ever number) u want

he was just playing a game he may have thrown it a little too hard but that doesn't mean he did anything wrong

As far as karma points, I doubt this would even register.

OP means "original poster" lol it took me forever to figure out :P

DKjazz 20

Well, if he hit you in the head, he got out. At least, that's how it worked at my school. Instant karma.

Isaac_The_Man 0

At our school we have a 6'2 210 pound football star too.. Funny thing, he's in the 7th grade

loller27 6

You have to know the 5 D's of dodgeball. Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge.

FireFlie07 20

Haha, I was thinking the same thing!

he must not have been able to dodge the wrenches either

Don't forget the "R"! Run like a little bitch!

If you can dodge a wrench, yiu can dodge a ball

Carbonation 0

22 - Obviously hasn't seen the movie. Also, nobody makes me bleed my own blood.

xxDefiantxx 0

#5-No remember chicken littles gold fish dude or, duck, dip, dive, dance

I'm afraid this guy didn't have the "Luck o' the Irish"

You've got to learn the dance of the dodge. Apparently someone wasn't paying attention to the A.D.A.A film.

aantho_fml 0

Too bad they don't make a "Your dodgeball coach just got crushed by 2 tons of irony" hallmark card.

boundbytheanimus 9

So you're about as useful as a poopy flavored lollipop! -Patches

He must have looked like a retard trying to **** a doorknob when he took that kind of blow!

TeeeTeee 5

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball! It's training time ladies!

If you can Dodge traffic you can Dodge a ball!!

guess you havent mastered "dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge"

It was almost as funny as when Loller, the person who commented right above you, said it.

42-Hey sporto, maybe you should've checked that they posted it at the same time

Cut him some slack, those comments were posted at the same time, only a few seconds apart.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Actually, it was at the exact same time :p

loller27 6

sorry about least we know now that great minds really do think alike

Btw I wasn't hating on him. I was just stating that it was funnier the first time his comment was said.

Ive you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball!

If you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball!

If you can dodge SHUT THE **** UP you can dodge a ball

AdrianEC 15

And now you know to never anger a jock, you nerd.

FireFlie07 20

The OP may not be a nerd. I'm 5'3 and under 130 and I've taken down guys the same size before. If you know where to hit em' they will fall.

Just because a guy is big doesn't mean he is slow and doesn't know how to fight.

I accidentally thumbed you up. Dammit! Now I must sacrifice 100 goats on the top of a mountain.

Not that I'm saying you can't take down some one. I'm saying that movies destroy our common sense.

AdrianEC 15

I was just joking. I guess I failed, didn't I?

Firefly, you a boxer or were you just referring to delivering a bag-shot? Either way, I do agree with you. Most people I fought were bigger and/or taller than me, and one of the tactics that worked the best was in-fighting: Up under their arms against their bodies, and don't give them a moment to think. It's a case of "closer to danger, further from harm." And it does seem most very large guys can't fight very well, cause they've never really had to. Just too used to leaning on people and throwing their weight around, casually. But I should add the obvious: sometimes the bigger they are, the harder they really do kick your ass. ;)

Glitterhinoceros 14

At least he didn't sit on you afterword??

tehrealone 6

Haha that's an attractive thing to say over the internet

tehrealone 6
tehrealone 6

Gah all our comments were deleted :( rhinosaurous is keeping a close eye on this thread, and yes I know you're there -.-

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The_Tool1 13

I actually prefer it when people shit on me after they knock me unconscious.

TexasMud 8

Well then you should try making a video entitled "two guys one...unconscious"

Yea, beef stew on top of being knocked out by a dodgeball. Adds a whole new meaning to insult to injury