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Today, my family and I were burning our Christmas tree. For a laugh, my dad jokingly pushed me toward the fire. I tripped, and my doctor says the burns are probably going to scar. FML
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You should jokingly push him in a frozen lake...


What's with these FMLs about dads harming children "for a laugh"?

I think troll dads are funny but this is way out of line

48: from what I gather the dad didn't deliberately push the OP into the fire "for a laugh" but rather going for a joking scare. The OP slipped, causing the fall. Yes, it's the dads fault and fyl BUT I think it's unfair to say the dad deliberately harmed his child.

71, The dad shouldn't have pushed his child towards the fire in the first place. He should have thought of what could happen beforehand to avoid an accident like this one.

Yes I agree with you. The dad was a dumbass and didn't think his "joke" through and its all his fault but like I said. I don't believe the dad set out to deliberately hurt the child. I.e no malicious intent. I was just rebutting that statement, not the dad's guiltiness.

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retarded is a past participle,isnt it ??

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call the state and request new parents

Why is everybody so sue happy? It's an accident.

You should jokingly push him in a frozen lake...

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Take him to the Grand Canyon to dispose of him... :-)

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Now you're going to take a lot of heat like "wow, you look hot today".

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Hahaha say it was an "accident"

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Come to Canada we've got lots of frozen water ! :P

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sigh.... Yet another FML about preadolescence fathers.

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Just more proof that men truly never grow up!

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Nobody likes you when you're 23 and are still more amused by pushing kids in fire.

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Are you saying that there is a certain age group that is allowed to push people into fires?

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*sigh* nobody gets the reference *crawls back into bed*

Holy moly! I hope they aren't to big, OP. ): But you can make up some herioc story to use on the ladies!

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hahaha hey baby look at this scar. I got it from saving a boy from a burning building. yeah it was intense but he made it alive you wanna ****?

Would have been funnier if he shouted 'burn baby burn' when he pushed you

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This is terrible but for some reason I laughed..

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Ditto lmfao. "My dad is the devil."

That is probably one of the worst things I've ever read, but that was hilarious!

Your father is a douchebag... Still, is anyone else reminded of Darth Vader? Even though the dad did the pushing and the son got burned and whatnot... FORCE CHOKE YOUR DAD TO DEATH.

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I was thinking along the line of Kane.

NO, Have an epic fight on mustafar, watch himself be foiled by his own petard, watch him burn to half to death, destroy his precious Death Star, fight him on the second Death Star, watch him kill himself while killing the emperor, watch him die, take his dead body and burn him again, and smile while he becomes a Force ghost with Obi-Wan and Yoda. All is good...

Or just hit him with the burned Christmas tree.

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Cut him?? Sounds like somebody's an emo....

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Sorry 20, only ghetto people "cut" each other. Hence the phrase, "I'm Finna cutchu nigga".

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For a laugh, push him in front of a train.

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yea that would definitely leave a few scars as well...

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108-pushing someone into the fire could kill them too

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Thhis just made me bust out laughing

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59~You know, just a few scars. It's all good.

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Push him into the fireplace. (If you have one.)