By WillaminaL - 20/01/2012 03:33 - Canada

Today, while over at a friend's house, I saw a framed picture of a young African boy on her fridge. I asked, "Oh, is this one of those kids you adopt from third world countries? My grandma does that too." She responded, "What do you mean? That's my cousin." FML
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Black Canadians, white Africans. Whatever is this world coming to? -_-

OP probably thinks that an adopted child is like an accessory, since so many celebrities seem to enjoy adopting them


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Shit white people say to black people...

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19 - I think maybe OP meant sponsor. I could be wrong, though.

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14, you should google "please excuse my dope-ass swag".

Black Canadians, white Africans. Whatever is this world coming to? -_-

It's good because it'll one day unite us more! in the meantime we'll have fun situations like these until we all adjust

The KKK is going to be busy this generation...

I used to go to school with a girl from Africa and she was white. It was pretty cool.

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If you're from Africa, why are you white?

because whites like to take over other people

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Haha! Your so racist! But accidentally...

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Maybe you should look up the word 'racism' before you use it...

I don't think there was anything racist about what he/she said. They simply asked...

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Yeah not racist. Just awkward accidental ignorance lol. Sadly we've all been there.

OP probably thinks that an adopted child is like an accessory, since so many celebrities seem to enjoy adopting them

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There is no mention of a celebrity here. Only the mention of her grandmother. You seem to have that type of mind set, though, since you would think up an idea like that.

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Fuzz was just making an observation on how many celebrities adopt children from third world countries, like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and made a comment about how maybe OP thought it was a normal thing for someone to do, no need to get snippy, and try and insult them.

How would you confuse a child living in poverty in Africa with a picture of a normal person?

Cause they don't usually mail you depressing pictures after you just supported a child...

PLUS, what makes us any more normal than them? Define normal..Atleast OP's comment was accidentally racist yours was just plain ignorant.

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#5 - NORMAL PERSON? Right now, I really wish I could punch your face in. ******* ignorant bitch.

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Chill 26 I'm pretty sure she thought OP saw a picture of a malnourished kid instead of a healthy "normal" one.

Anything outside the ordinary is considered abnormal. Starving, malnourished children living in a poverty-stricken village with little huts or shacks for houses are definitely outside the ordinary for someone from a first world country. And that's pretty much what the commenter meant, so quit freaking out. Jeez.

I feel like I'm the only black kid here

Could have been a valid question depending on the situation. And no one can really be expected to know that if he/she had been previously told. Cousins can look completely different.

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I think a simple, "Who is he/she?" would have suffice. OP didn't need to assume something so extradordinary.

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Damn you're everywhere! If OP would have just asked that it wouldn't have been a FML, OP's grandma probably had a picture of the kid she adopted and sent money to, so OP wasn't thinking and assumed they did it to, while making an ass out of themselves. I've seen some of your comments and they all seem the same, like you think your always right when in reality you're far from it. I'm not trying to be, but just think before you type. Please, and thank you!

Really? This needs to be a socially awkward penguin photo.

Flying away on a jetpack. Saying 'nothing to do here.....'

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That was very unintentionally racist of u OP lol

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Where is the belief that race determines achievement or that one race is superior to another? is your friend. OP's remark was not racist at all.

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Never assume, it makes an ass out of u&me lol. My English teacher taught me something!

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Yes, apparently using the english language was not one of them.

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Airman...Air head....hmm I see a connection here ;)