By rimenrezon - 06/01/2015 14:10 - United States - Tampa

Today, someone tried to break into my dorm room while I was in class. Ramming the metal door with their shoulder just dented it, so they pissed on my welcome mat and left. FML
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19990231 29

Buying a new welcome mat is easier than replacing everything they would have stolen.

Were they drunk?


Were they drunk?

Mysterious_one 26

my guess is that some one took the welcome sign soo serious and thought it's welcomed to break in ?

Probably PISS drunk.

I'm glad you capitalized that pun. I don't think anyone would've noticed how witty it was if you hadn't.

No, it's just Florida.

Marcella1016 31

That was my first thought...really drunk, went to the wrong door, struggled to get in because they really had to pee, couldn't hold it anymore so pissed on mat...then realized they were at the wrong door and stumbled off. Only thing that makes me doubt the theory is what I presume was the time of day - who is THAT drunk in the middle of the day?? Either way, f your life OP, and glad you're safe regardless. If it was a real break-in attempt, good thing you were in class.

19990231 29

Buying a new welcome mat is easier than replacing everything they would have stolen.

Yeah but he was probably still pissed about it

HighasaCloud 46

Doesn't change the fact that OP shouldn't need to replace anything, no matter how inexpensive.

19990231 29

Op doesn't actually have, wash the mat and he'll be fine.

They must really not like that mat.

Guess they didn't feel welcome

Or maybe they felt a little to welcome and comfortable.

shiny_shipper 28

They left a dent in the door? Wow. At least they didn't get in.

TordNorski 30

He was trying to use your bathroom.

I imagine it's one of those cartoon dents with the outline of their face as the dent.

if it makes you feel better they probably messed up their shoulder pretty bad if they managed to dent a metal door.

when you gotta go you gotta go

KhaleesiDannie 26

That sucks but hopefully they messed up their shoulder and at least they didn't rob you