By yif2 - 16/05/2015 11:47 - United States

Today, while mowing my backyard, I messily discovered that a family of rabbits has been living out there in the tall grass. FML
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Bro, he mowed the shit out of them.

Oh my god. I would be horrified. How many rabbits were there, OP?


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Bro, he mowed the shit out of them.

Hard to shelter them after you've run them over

christinamarie17 29

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I don't think there's much sheltering them now...

#14 I didn't get it either in the first place. I thought he found their shit or something, but then I read the comments. #1 didn't have a chance to read the other comments :)

I don't understand why some of you are referring OP as a man when the OP of this FML is a woman.

The_madmax 23

I think he's saying he mowed over them.. and they are dead now..

AkumaUchiha 19

She messily found out. That means she killed them already

So many ppl here not paying attention to the gender sign smh, other than above comment

that's because clearly women are incapable of hurting anyone or anything much less a fluffy bunny. (*covers face* I'm being sarcastic; don't kill me!)

Don't you think it's a bit hard adopting a pile of rabbit mush?

MdMan2 23

wow I forgot how many rude people there are on this sight! awesome!

Why was this buried??? This shit is hilarious!

tantanpanda 26

I'm more surprised that the rabbits didn't scurry away when they heard the lawnmower get started.

psychopolarbear 28

Could've been rabid. Never know. I certainly would have scurried for my life if a lawn mower came after my hypothetical bunny self.

no it was full of ice cream and nutella -_-

cadillacgal79 32

Nutella and bunny ice cream doesn't sound very appetizing.

HeadlessSparrow 20

No dude, it was full of rainbows

Sorry OP ): maybe you should cut the grass more often

Well, if we use on hand evidence.. The more often he mows = more bunnies massacred

The grass wouldn't be tall. They wouldn't seek shelter in short grass cuz then they would just be sitting there in plain sight.

PePziNL 20

Unless they would be very small bunnies

Well I guess some of those Easter eggs hatched...

Says you what are you some type of expert?

Oh my god. I would be horrified. How many rabbits were there, OP?

I'd imagine if they were mowed to **** it'd be tough to make a good guess on how many there were. I hope it wasn't too many- damn that's traumatizing

sonasonic 34

It's kinda hard counting the pieces of bunny left on OP's shirt tho.

It's hard to count them now. I wonder why they didn't run off?

#126 they did...that's how she ended up mowing over them...they just were slow I guess or maybe she got them when they just got out of their home...