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  ChrisA12  |  6

Eh, vocabulary skills are important but around the right people, if you use a bunch of more sophisticated words around people who wouldn't usually use those words you'll sound like a condescending asshole

By  IridianShadow  |  20

You should gift them a dictionary.

  musoboy  |  22

I agree. Human nature tends to do that. You'd think we as western society would have grown past that.

Not quite sure why you're getting downvoted, except maybe for the hashtag...?

  AggieMike77  |  12

Yeah, people in Texas are stupid... we have NASA, Texas Instruments, Dell Compiter, Raytheon (makers of fighter jets and other aircraft), Exxon (as well as other oil companies, and supply your dumb ass with the majority of your fuel), home of the most advance cardiovascular medicine in the world, etc., etc.. Dumb ass.