By probablyadopted1 - 04/05/2016 16:39 - United States - Houston

Today, my family savagely mocked me to the point of tears, all for using "big", "fancy" words like "accommodations" and "hospitality". FML
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Shame on you for being smart!

DeadxManxWalking 27

look at all the big fancy accomodations that you require in order to function. the hospitality is unfathomable.


Shame on you for being smart!

UserError94 18


*rubs mustache* "indeed"

Sometimes I use big words that I don't understand to sound photosynthesis.


I actually made this joke once at work... My coworkers didn't get it.

Eh, vocabulary skills are important but around the right people, if you use a bunch of more sophisticated words around people who wouldn't usually use those words you'll sound like a condescending asshole

DeadxManxWalking 27

look at all the big fancy accomodations that you require in order to function. the hospitality is unfathomable.

That didn't even make sense.

Apparently it does. My apologies

I see where you get your screen name from

Yeah so much for that Texan hospitality...

People like to discredit what they don't understand sometimes. Keep enlarging that diction of yours OP. *smiles*

Saluriel 12

You want to enlarge the OP's diction? Pervert.

IridianShadow 20

You should gift them a dictionary.

And beat them with it.

people mock what they can't understand #yourawesome

I agree. Human nature tends to do that. You'd think we as western society would have grown past that. Not quite sure why you're getting downvoted, except maybe for the hashtag...?

tarlax 11

The hashtag and the "your", definitely.

*you're... oh the irony

Mathalamus 24

maybe you need a new family. a smarter one.

Justy101 23


Mathalamus 24

i still don't know what that word actually meant...

Then you are absolutely atrocious.

No one knows what it means, but it's provocative... it gets the people going!

Mathalamus 24

!5, i am not that bad. i think.

I don't think 36 has seen or heard of Mary Poppins.

blazerman_fml 17


They deserve a slap on face with a dictionary. There's no shame in your vocabulary game, OP.

Such is life in Texas

Yeah, people in Texas are stupid... we have NASA, Texas Instruments, Dell Compiter, Raytheon (makers of fighter jets and other aircraft), Exxon (as well as other oil companies, and supply your dumb ass with the majority of your fuel), home of the most advance cardiovascular medicine in the world, etc., etc.. Dumb ass.

Was a joke based on a common stereotype but ok have fun,

I'm pretty sure that every single one of those companies imports talent from the rest of North America. :D

What a bunch of assholes. Rise above them OP

When you gain enough power and experience points, you can do whatever you want to them.