By HeyTherexxx - 21/04/2014 01:02 - United States - Diamond Bar

Today, I accidentally walked in on my mom cheating on my step-dad with my real dad. FML
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HeyTherexxx tells us more.

Unfortunately, seeing them was inevitable. I'm trying not to get involved, but needless to say, it's difficult. Apparently, my mother is going to tell my step-dad, but she's a liar sometimes. One step at a time, I suppose.

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Keeping it in the family.

well... I've never heard of that before ... good plot for a movie though.


Keeping it in the family.

lexiieeex3 32

Well that's traumatizing.

OP's mom realized the upgraded version isn't better. It's like a smartphone vs. a Nokia. The smartphone may be fancy, but the Nokia's battery lasts forever...*wink wink*

Better than some random rich dude...

Drop a Nokia and it still works, you can very rarely re-use a dropped smart phone..

I drop my smart phone a lot and still use it

I've dropped my iPhone from about 6' in the air and it works fine

I straight up throw my smartphone at the table or the floor and it doesnt even have a crack on it

I read this fml wrong. I thought it was his step dad chasing on his mom with his real dad. Woops

Cheating on ops mom*

That would he funnier. More life scarring, but still funny.

but i have a nokia smartphone, does that mean o get the best of both worlds

116 I thought the exact same thing at first.

well everybody reacts to rejection differently in weird ways

Could've been worse! It could've been your sister instead of your mom. Just sayin'.

jojimugo 20

No just no

What is wrong with some people?!?

There are 2 types of people in this world

Could've been the family parakeet.

Author here- My only sister is seven. So, no. No, no, no.

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the biggest one^^^

Ok whoever thumbed #135 up is horrible.

Im so sorry OP, that would fuck me up so bad :$

well... I've never heard of that before ... good plot for a movie though.

AnOriginalName 19

I'm not sure that people watch those kinds of movies for the plot, though.

badluckalex 23

family inception

lexiieeex3 32

It's very similar to the movie "It's Complicated" with Meryl Streep actually.

I think family guy did that Lois married brian Lois cheats on brian with Peter

That film is so good XD "It's Complicated" #21

LudicMonster 22

There's also A.C.O.D., it's pretty similar

#4 The first thing I thought of while reading this was Ed TV.

That happens in the movie the big wedding with Robert De Niro

That also happened in Californiacation with David Duchovny.

5 I think you're actually suppose to say what the "plot twist" is not just say it. I could be wrong.

e.g. plot twist - op is adopted

SharnaaaBanana 22

Guys does it really matter whether or not they state what the twist is? It's simply a plot twist. Saying plot twist doesn't come with rules and regulations as to how you say it and what it is followed by. Her reasoning is clearly implied in the FML itself. Use logic.

Author here! I live in Washington.

Woops. Responded to the wrong comment thread.

@36, if I had said, "omg, your mom is sleeping with the man she divorced, rather than the man she's married to! plot twist!" i would just be completely restating the entire fml. you dont have to say what the plot twist is when it is so BLATANTLY spelled out by OP.

SharnaaaBanana 22

exactly my point^ Sorry for wording it weirdly. I was down voted a lot. :)

107 But that's not the only scenario that it could be therefore stating what the "plot twist" is would be correct. There's so many different scenarios other than assuming only what you said.

ZY1431 24

well now thats something completely different from the norm X x

It's not as weird as you think.

Am I one of the few that has heard of this happening fairly often?

She knows what she likes.

Obviously not if she's bouncing back and forth between guys.

Plot twist- OPs step-dad and dad are brothers. In that case she definitely knows what she likes.

I really don't see how that would make a difference...

Wow that really sucks OP. But you should tell your stepdad. Your mom isn't with your real dad for a reason and if there are problems in your mom and stepdads relationship they need to deal with it like adults and not invoke the kids and get the hopes up by thinking that their parents are gonna get back together. And if your on speaking terms with your real dad tell him that sleeping with your mom is a big no.

Telling her stepdad would only cause more drama between her and her mother, he should hear it from his wife.

Make your mom confess it to your stepdad and try to get involved as little as possible. Your parents messed up and you shouldn’t get blamed for anything. When you keep it a secret you could end up getting in trouble when it finally comes out.

you're right, they should not involve the kids in their mess. OP has NO obligation to tell anyone anything. She can tell her mom or her Dad (since she caught them) how awkward it is for her , but that's all OP needs to say. OP is in an awkward situation but the best thing for OP to do is to not get involved further and let her parents sort it out on their own terms.

I refuse to become involved excessively. I'm not a marriage counselor, so this is beyond me. My mom told my step-dad by herself. I don't know anything else on the matter though.

What a twisted story!

Its these types of stories that are heartwarming and fucked up at the same time.

How the fuck is this heartwarming to you ? You are just as jacked up then.

More fucked up than heartwarming.

84 - Heartwarming because almost every kid whose parents are divorced secretly hopes their parents will get back together. Have you never seen Parent Trap?

I don't, at all. They divorced for a reason you know #105.

As someone with divorced parents, let me just say that if my biological parents got back together, I'd be unbelievably happy. Both of my step-parents are super duper shit-tastic. I think how you'd react depends on how you feel about the divorce.

acerredrum 23

I also have divorced parents and if they got back together I would probably start screaming. They were miserable for YEARS I only wish that they had gotten a divorce sooner. It all depends on the situation, seeing my mom happier and actually having a life though...It is so nice to see.

Yeah I have. But I also have divorced parents and yes it is a lot of children's hope but we all grow up. And then we realise it's it's not in our control.

120 - Thats why I specified "almost". I'm not speaking for everyone, but I know I was one of those kids who hoped their parents would get back together.

acerredrum 23

The thing is though, no one is agreeing with you. Some do but not almost all of them, most children seeing their parents fight and destroy themselves makes them relieved that the fighting is almost over. Running back and forth between comforting my sobbing little sister and screaming at my dad to just stop hitting my mother was one of the worst moments in my entire life. While that is more extreme then a lot of people experience the yelling alone is heart wrenching and traumatic for many.