By BaMiTsAnYa - 16/09/2013 01:21 - United States - Orlando

Today, as I was getting my nails done at a salon, the owner pulled my head back against the chair in front of all the customers and began to tweeze my eyebrows. When I exclaimed that I didn't pay for that service, she replied, "I don't care. This needs done." FML
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hey you got it free !!:)

Well, as long as you got it for free then yay, right?


Dang that had to be embarrassing , but hey it was free lol

That's what I was thinking! Lol!

hey you got it free !!:)

And a free knock to her self esteem.

yes, but it also comes with a free boost!

\ 28

"This needs done." With that grammar, I doubt it was even worth it being free.

jasmine2301 25

Maybe English wasn't his/her first language? Either that, or OP made a spelling error.

Maybe it wasn't a grammar mistake and OP had a character limit.

Well, as long as you got it for free then yay, right?

Wow. What a bitch. But hey. Free eyebrow shaping?

Did they look like frida kahlo or something

Try tweezing at home?

I've had a similar experience before. Except they grabbed me as I was just trying to walk past the salon...

Trying to pass the salon? Wow your eyebrows must've been horrid.

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Me too. Except it was my upper lip. I'm a monster.

Gotta love Asians for their brute honesty

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Where indeed 12.

Them Chinese always be like (why you no like eyebrow wax it make you looka nice I do it for five dolla only) and they really don't take no for an answer. Then they be like (you looka so much betta now, now maybe you get boyfren) never fails!

Ya damn racist!

You must have had an Anthony Davis unibrow? If those caterpillars were in front of me, I would tweeze those things for free too. :P