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Today, I went to get my eyebrows waxed at a korean salon. I have never been there before and it's hard to understand their accents. The women asked me if I wanted "them all off". Not fully understanding what she said, I agreed. When she showed me the mirror, she had taken off my whole eyebrow. FML
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How did you not get "you want them all off?" meant that?

ouch, u didnt feel her putting hot wax all over ur eyebrow? =[


ouch, u didnt feel her putting hot wax all over ur eyebrow? =[

they have different methods of taking off hair

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#59 they specifically said in the fml, "eyebrows waxed"

Always better to get confirmation when someone is doing something like this. Happened to me with a haircut one time, though it's my fault since I also simply nodded and said "whatever"

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Haha, damn that really sucks.

How did you not get "you want them all off?" meant that?

It says she couldn't understand their accents...which means when the waxer asked if she wanted them all off she couldn't understand properly and just agreed.

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However, she could make out "you want it all off?" which is a sufficient amount of understanding to warrant a "hell no."

That was kind of a stupid move, but at the same time, what kind of person working at a salon would wax someone's entire eyebrow off?

75 do you ever hear someone say something but you only figure out what they were saying later on

Why would you go to a salon where you wouldn't understand what was being said? And how can you not realise or, at the very least, feel the wax being smeared across your eybrows? You deserved that one.

Ah, Asian women run great salons. No joke. There's a place I used to go to for a haircut (and will still go out of my way to go to when I'm in the area) that's run entirely by, I believe, Vietnamese women. They do such an awesome job, even if I can't understand half the words they say. However, they can usually understand what YOU say. You should have just said exactly what you wanted. Never agree to terms you don't understand. Your fault.

I hope I meet you in real life, so I can ask you "Do you want me to take all your possessions?" only I'd say the second half real fast so you couldn't understand it. Then when you blindly accept my proposal, I get all your stuff.

To the #7 Comment, I know there are some Asian salons that do great jobs. Heck, I'm half-Korean and my step auntie runs one in the upper town of the city. All I'm saying is that this user is a real idiot for not double-checking what he/she agreed to.