By blzrdsgrl - 16/09/2013 00:43 - United States

Today, I asked my girlfriend to marry me. She pretended like it never happened. FML
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blzrdsgrl tells us more.

Turns out...she thought I was joking because "I'm never serious"...

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Well at least now you can trade in the ring for a full suit of Halo armor! (I hope somebody gets this reference)

Then pretend she's not your girlfriend anymore


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Just because she isn't ready for marriage means she doesn't deserve him? Maybe OP isn't a very nice guy. Maybe he's an incredibly nice guy. It doesn't matter. She could have definitely handled it more maturely, but depending on the circumstances it may be more of a YDI. It's possible they'd never even talked about the idea of marriage, and OP proposed way too soon.

Then op's girlfriend should've said it was way too early rather than pretending it never happened

22 maybe she was in shock and didn't know how to respond, and OP misunderstood.

Thank you, 22! It is simple for OP's girlfriend to explain that she isn't ready to take that next step but still loves him and wants that to happen one day (if that's what she really wants, of course). It isn't easy asking someone to marry you. The last thing she should do is shoot him down after he had the courage to express his love for her, wanting her hand in marriage. If she doesn't want that with OP, then she should say so. It is worse to ignore his proposal than for her to tell him what she's really feeling. OP I hope she comes around one day. If not, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

I agree. If she doesn't want to marry OP she needs to be honest with him. Acting like he didn't say anything isn't going to make the fact that he said it go away.

ignorance is bliss?

Dump her. She isn't worth it.

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From the sounds of it, she doesn't love OP in the same way he loves her :(

He was ready to marry her. Just because she isn't reacting well to the proposal, it is not case of dumping her, or at least it shouldn't be. If he were to dump her just for that after proposing to marry her, then it would be an act of a wounded ego and result in losing her and having to start from square one.

21 - Thank God for people who think like you! It's really sad seeing how many people instantly call for an end to relationships on FML.

I was not referring to the fact that she wasn't ready. I was referring to the fact that she didn't even acknowledge that it happened

dump her OP, she is not worth the time.

How could you possibly know that? You are judging a girl you don't even know, in a situation you have no details provided for. Chill out, because there is more to the situation than you can see.

that's true I don't and I shouldn't immediatly jump to conclusions and as you say #32 there could be more to this FML.

There is always more to the FML.

Well at least now you can trade in the ring for a full suit of Halo armor! (I hope somebody gets this reference)

I remember hearing it somewhere, whether it was a FML or not I forget

I get this reference. I originally saw it on ifunny. The man did look majestic; many guys, including my own boyfriend, were way jealous of his fantastic armor.

Sounds like a very immature way of saying no.

Is she really worth it then?

Then pretend she's not your girlfriend anymore

Okay, I disagree with the actual statement, but I still find it funny

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Why would he want a new bitch? The old bitch seems ok. She's just not ready for marriage.

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I always find this idea interesting. Many of the FMLs about marriage do not include the needed details: did they talk about it? Did she say she never wants to get married? etc For all we know, Op never mentioned marriage, they haven't been dating long enough that she would consider marrying her, and she has expressed that she is not ready for such a commitment. With all the missing details, no one should be saying she is a bad girlfriend or that Op needs to dump her.

Have you at least talked about marriage with her before? It's pretty likely that someone will act in a similar way if they've never even heard you mention it.