By Anonymous - 27/07/2016 16:45

Today, I found out my dog is allergic to all forms of animal. His new vegetarian food is $90 a bag, and he refuses to eat it. FML
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askullnamedbilly 33

Well, he's gonna eat it if you don't give him a choice in the matter. Just leave a bowl of the food out and refuse to give him anything else until he finishes it. No dog is going to starve himself to death if there's food available.

Maybe try to make him some vegi dog food yourself?


Mathalamus 24

allergic to the stuff they need the most to survive? that's impossible...

Maybe try to make him some vegi dog food yourself?

That seems like an extremely bad idea. He isn't a vet and dogs are carnivores so in order to replace the meat it's probably filled with substitutes suitable for dogs. I don't think that's something you can just mix up yourself.

Actually, dogs are omnivores. They're suppose to eat meat but obviously if one is allergic to it then that dog can't eat it. That's how being allergic to something works. Heck there are people who are allergic to water or sunlight, and they still manage to live.

A guy who lives near me is allergic to sunlight and he goes for a long walk everyday, he just wears a mask, sunglasses and gloves and holds an umbrella.

askullnamedbilly 33

Well, he's gonna eat it if you don't give him a choice in the matter. Just leave a bowl of the food out and refuse to give him anything else until he finishes it. No dog is going to starve himself to death if there's food available.

#3 is totally right. The dog may pout but it'll eat when it gets hungry enough. Plus some dogs don't like new foods because the sudden change upsets their tummies. Do some research on free feeding, it works well for our dogs

DeadxManxWalking 27

that is true, I often hear my dog eating at night after begging for human food and not receiving

i do the same with mine they hate any food with veges or gravy..

definitely this, had to do the same thing with my dog when switching food, now it's all fine.

I did some extensive research but all I found were points saying free feeding is the worst thing for your pet. Amount limited (pick how much your pet eats) and time limited (pick the amount of time your pet gets to eat) is apparently the best method. It prevents the pet from being overweight and encourages them to finish their meal more. If the pet doesn't finish their meal in the time allotted, discard the remainder and feed them again when it's time for their next scheduled feeding

That is correct for some dogs. But there are some animals that free feeding works the best for. For example, I have yorkies and they have to have access to food all day long because they are prone to hypoglycemia. They eat a bit all day long on their own and have a good BCS (body condition score, i.e. Not overweight or underweight) Although I also have family with yorkies that can't do free feeding. It all depends on the dog.

Except I free feed my animals and none of them are overweight. They know how to control themselves. Then again they are cats and not dogs. Dogs might lack the control and eat everything all at once.

It depends on the dog. My dog free feeds but isn't overweight at all. We also walk at least 5 miles a day and hike regularly but she eats when she feels like it. It depends on the breed, how active they are, the amount of food left for them to consume, and the kind of food being left for them. It's just like people vary in how much they can eat based on their exercise and metabolism. Some are more fortunate than others. The important thing is to know your dog and what works for him or her.

I'm having to put my cats on a diet. They make all other cats look like ultramarathoners by comparison. It's not like I can make them exercise. Even smacking Timmay lightly in the face with the feather on a stick just makes him blink. Just like people, individual dogs and cats can vary quite a bit.

We used to free feed my dog. He limited his own portions and wasn't obese. At the moment we don't free feed him any more. It's worked for years but now he's old, doesn't like long walks any more and eats whenever he can.

Find a new vet. That person is lying to you. Also look online for dog food recipes, would be cheaper to make it yourself.

Certain breeds of dogs are actually kind of infamous for allergies to meat. Mostly because the rate at which people in-breed them means that that a lot of lineages share a common ancestor that had the allergy...

Yes, he's obviously lying to you. Because the random person on the Internet with no contact with the dog would obviously know better than the trained professional.

My dog is also extremely intolerant of typical protein sources, but does extremely well on a fish-based diet. Animals react differently to the proteins in meats and fish, so it may be worth a try (always consult your vet first!). My dog is also sensitive to several grains, including rice, so we have him on the Blue Buffalo grain-free salmon formula, which comes in at about half of what you're paying now per bag.

My dog is also intolerant to meat. Found out the hard way when I tried to switch him to a grain free diet. Now he gets to eat super cheap food and take supplements from his vet. He hates the pills. It's a fun life. But he's 10 and doing well so it must work for him.

clumsycurls 2

Nature's Recipe and Natural Balance are dog food brands that carry a vegetarian formula. They can be found at most Petsmarts and Petcos. It might help to look into those two.

MetalxSoldier 26

This doesn't make sense since dogs are carnivores. Yes I know they may be able to eat other things besides meat but they are carnivores nonetheless.

Dogs are actually in a sort of ambivalent area of omnivorous capabilities- their digestive track is long enough to handle non-meats, and there are cases of wolves consuming grains in the wild with less difficulty. Cats on the other hand are VERY poorly equipped to digest grains. They just don't have the digestive flexibility of dogs. So, calling dogs omnivores is arguably more correct than calling them carnivores.

omnivores actually

Give it some time. My dog was the same way. Allergic to everything, but one day it stopped and she's not allergic to anything at all. She gets normal dog food now and has been for years!

Yes, the same thing happened to my dog (corn made her itchy, but she's been back on corn based food for a few months now with no issue), but I wouldn't bet on it. Just like humans, some dogs will develop out, but most won't.

Also, if the dog is having a dangerous reaction, OP can't play that. Best bet is to set the food out and let it eat when it's ready

Maybe your dog wanna eat my ex out, you know, since my ex loves to be eaten by dogs.

What is that even supposed to mean?

fpants2010 18

You don't sound bitter at ALL!

totally well adjusted

What the hell, dude.

kaysheik 16

Obviously your ex dodged a bullet with your ass.

I feel your pain OP, I have one dog that's allergic to tick and flea bites and the other is allergic to protein.

well. yeah. of course a tick and flea allergy. they shouldn't be getting bit by them. get your pupper some frontline

Err... You do know that some (most) flea repellents can and do trigger seizures in dogs? Especially ones with sensitive biochemistry- as in, the ones most likely to have more severe allergic reactions. Even 'natural' repellents, that are way lower risk than repellents that have toxins in them, like Rosemary oil can trigger seizures. Frontline isn't an answer for everyone, and sometimes people have to use reactive management methods instead of proactive.

Try a pumpkin, oatmeal and rice blend until it gets used to its new food. Gives them plenty of what they need so you dont have to panic. Also dogs eat melons in the wild so try some different ones until you can figure out how to get it to eat the veggie food.

if you buy canned pumpkin make sure it isn't pumpkin filling! big difference