By alexbrooke - 16/09/2013 02:49 - United States - Paintsville

Today, as I started my car, I heard the most horrific sounds coming from the engine. When I lifted the hood I realized I'd found my son's cat. FML
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alexbrooke tells us more.

Hey! OP here! the cat actually was wrapped around the Serpentine belt! did not survive, and my car is in the shop, being cleaned out with a new belt. Sad thing my son was in the car, he kept saying Mommy! what is it?! The cat has been lost, I actually hadn't drove my car for a couple of days so I'm not sure how long it was actually in there. I am surprised how.many people this has happened to, glad it wasnt just me!

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KittyKillsalot 7

Are you sure it didn't just go to live on a farm, op?

So who wants to be the one to break it to 1.. I don't have the heart


was it alive?

So who wants to be the one to break it to 1.. I don't have the heart

Right up until the horrific sounds anyway.. Hopefully your son will understand that it was just a terrible accident. Losing a pet is never an easy thing. Good luck, OP.

I knew a cat who was chewed up by an engine as a young cat. She was pretty disfigured but she lived. Sweet cat too.

My cat was caught in my mum's engine once, he survived it but his legs and head were pretty mangled so he was put down. It was probably one of the saddest days of my life.

This happened to my cat when I was a kid.. Luckily, she only ended up with a broken leg. She lived a good long life after.

Not necessarily a dead cat. My engine for example doesn't have any moving parts exposed. The cat would be severely traumatized, but I doubt there would be much physical injury.

caysters 12

Same here 52. My car would scare them, but not hurt them. I've actually heard of people driving miles before stopping at a store or what have you and have the cat just climb out unscathed.

RedPillSucks 31

So, despite all the thumbs down, #1s question wasn't at all obviously stupid.

Just a non-depressing comment passing by.

My cat got under the hood of my dad's truck when she was young. She got knocked unconscious and her head got scraped, but other than that she's fine.

krazayman 18

Thanks I needed that comment

MikaykayUnicorn 36

My mom actually found our cat under the hood of her car, and it's still alive.

:( That really sucks. I hope that he's at a young enough age he won't quite grasp the concept of what happened. Getting another kitty will help with grieving.

Ikr that poor car :(

Ik this story is catastrophic, I wish I could say I know how op is feline but if just be scratching at the surface.

Buy a new pet.

AnOriginalName 19

Unfortunately, some pets just can't be simply replaced like that.

Especially the one in your pic

MermaidAnnariea 10

not replaced, per se. but a lot of times, a new snuggle buddy will help with the grieving. animals are very empathic, and they're great for theraputic company. and snuggles.

KittyKillsalot 7

Are you sure it didn't just go to live on a farm, op?

With a nice farmer and his wife and their children who desperately needed a cat.

I sure hope curiosity didnt kill the cat this time :/

Either way, it's dead now.

DenBriZel 31

Um... If I were you I'd find a cat that looks exactly the same and pretend nothing happened! That's seriously so sad OP FYL! and how did the cat even get in there???

Cats are notorious for climbing into the engine compartment of cars. Have you ever looked at the underside of a car? Not that difficult for little animals to get into.

8, suggesting to find a cat, that looks exactly the same, to place the dead cat has some flawed logic. 1: Each cat has his/her own personality. 2: When OP's son is older, and learns what really happened to his cat, it will hurt more. Not only did his cat die but lying how it happened will make it worse.

Would that be your answer to every death? Oh no! Grandma died! We need to find another old lady that looks exactly like her and replace her. Children grasp death and can cope better than adults think.

#63, your comment made me laugh so hard that I scared my dog & woke her up. Best comment ever. Yes people, I know there's a button for that but it didn't feel like enough to show how much I liked it.

senseoffender 2

Well 63 death of a grandma is a hell of a lot more serious then a cats death and covering up the cats death is a common thing parents do for kids. I've u ever hear of parents telling the kid there pet went to live on a farm??? Getting another cat will do a lot more for the kid letting him no it got mangled in a car engine and yea # 8 they have different personalities but I mean come on u really think he will notice a personality difference at that age come on guys use ur head

EnigmaThe321 12

Damn, for your son's sake let's hope that cat had more lives.

and for the poor kitty :(

Time to make him a dog person

ummm not really but okay

Cat's out of the bag, huh? Or did you have to put the pieces IN a bag? Also, how's your car? Seriously, though, did kitty make it?

Regretable 16

Really man? That's just wrong.

You are a horrible person..... I love it.

Please go away

Poor kitty, and feel bad for your son. :(