By scumdresser - 29/09/2012 20:34 - United States - Pittsford

Today, an incredibly rude woman came in for a hairdressing appointment. I had to put up with being yelled at and called a "clumsy bitch," a "pleb," and other insults for almost half an hour. When I finally managed to finish her hair, instead of tipping me, she spat at my feet and stormed out. FML
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Should've shaved her head. Or at least part of it.

And the next time she comes in... "Oopsy! Was that Nair? I thought it was conditioner! Haha! Silly me!"


You may well be a bitch, but this is not your FML.

That was supposed to say "That bitch" Wtf? Can they edit your comments?

Should've shaved her head. Or at least part of it.

Seems like one of those times where shaving a swastika into a person's hair is almost justified. You did the right thing though OP, don't let it get you down.

If I remember right spitting at some one is considered a form of assault. You could've decked her in the face and been justified.

Isn't that some weird trend now to have part of your head shaved?

Indeed. NEVER piss off someone who has scissors that close to your neck.

if I can snowball what 59 said, I'd like to add that you should never **** with someone who is cutting your hair.

75: In my experience, it's not wise to **** the person who cuts your hair, either.

Should of asked her to leave OP I would not put up with her.

Op you should have "clumsily" snipped pieces of her damn hair off.

She should have kicked her out mid haircut

#35 all I have to say to that is "Baa".

Yeah. Give her the ol crazy Britney haircut. That should do it'

should have pretended to sneeze and 'accidentally' cut a huge chunk out

Should've given her a number one and said, 'oh I thought you said this was for charity, nevermind, think of the kids' :)

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That's one of the things you have to put up with when working with "customers". Just be professional.

brt3420 13

I disagree. I worked with customers 6 days a week 12 hours a day and people don't just suddenly have the right to be an asshole because your providing a service. At the end of the day being disrespectful is being disrespectful there is no way around that.

beccaishereyay 11

??? This is not how normal human beings act. OP had absolutely NO reason to continue to serve this woman. The "professional" reaction would've been to politely ask her to leave, and that they don't need her business. Just because she's a customer doesn't mean she has the right to treat you like that.

Am I the only one wondering what a "pleb" is?

GhostDuck 30

Pleb is short for plebeian, which is the low class of ancient Rome (a patrician was someone of higher class.)

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Kiddos to you for keeping your cool and staying professional. I'm not sure if I could have been. Karma is a bitch and she will get hers.

3 never said the woman had a right to be rude, they simply said that's sadly something we come across when working with customers. But I totally agree with what was already mentioned, OP did not have to serve her. I use to work at a restaurant and we have certainly turned people away for sexually harassing workers or down right being verbally rude.

MikeMikeTheAzn 3

Yes I meant it was something people come across. I should have rephrased it differently. Apologies.

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82 - I swear I'm not trying to Grammar Nazi you and I know you meant kudos, but that typo just made me giggle uncontrollably.

82- children are now a type of reward? Is this good thing or bad thing?

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Most likely she didn't know what it meant either. I haven't heard that insult outside the military

The right to refuse service does apply, yes, but the problem is this: 90% of hairdressers make most of their money from tips. OP was probably hoping that the abuse might pay off. My hairdresser & I are very good friends & if she told me someone treated her that way & didn't even tip her, I'd exact revenge for her. Many people believe that jobs that aren't considered "necessary" to the function of our society are filled by the lower class. It's awful. As an artist I've come across the same disrespect. It's not a "hobby" & OP's job isn't either. It should be treated with the same respect as any other job.

Why should she be encouraged to continue her behavior.

Whilst I get that OP probably didn't want to lose money, what on earth makes her or you think that someone who treats you like that has any intention of giving you a tip whatsoever?!

What I don't understand is, if she had such a problem with OP from the beginning why did she let OP even work on her hair? I think she just wanted a cheaper hairdo.

RadioDeeJayy_ 6

OMG that's terrible. Don't worry about her OP. just another bitch in the world. And also, you should tell someone about this. It's not right for anyone to be yelled at for doing their job. :)

It's FML. The answer is always "Dump them" or "Kill them"

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140- *You're an idiot. Sorry, I had to be a grammar Nazi at least once...

4: What if you work for a Neo-Nazi institution? "Oh, don't worry, he's just doing his job. Carry on!"

157- dont worry, i know the rule. i was making a reference to the fact that at every FML seems to include at least one moron that doesnt know it, and will leave that comment :P

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4 - I'VE GOT TO TELL SOMEONE ABOUT THIS! Hey all you people, hey all you people, wont you listen to meeeeeeee! I just had a sandwich, NO ORDINARY SANDWI- *ahem* I'll show myself out.

I would have asked to get the **** out, politely of course. :) It's not your job to take constant hairassment from clients. Just tell the manager next time and kick her out.

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most hairdressers are independent contractors and can kick whoever they want out. but they probably wouldn't get very much business if they did that

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And the next time she comes in... "Oopsy! Was that Nair? I thought it was conditioner! Haha! Silly me!"

"Don't worry, in six to eight weeks come back and we'll give the stubble a deep conditioning. Won't that be nice?"

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#120...I disagree. Unfortunately the rude ones always have the balls to come back if the one providing the service put up with their bad behavior.

Karma will get her back good. But does anybody know what a "pleb" is?

Go on You Tube and watch Muscets At Dawn. So funny and will give you an idea of what a pleb is.

Sinamoi 18

"Pleb" is short for "plebeian" meaning common or lower class folk.

ShadowDhampire 3

If she thinks that people are beneath her, OP should have booted her out her chair and tell her to do her own damn hair.

Sometimes you have to put up with people that are just bad at heart. Don't worry op, keep your chin up; you're the bigger person.

Someone's been in the military... "Pleb" (or plebe) is a derogatory term for newbies, rookies, etc., most of the time in some sort of academy.

agonydrum 7

What military are you talking about? Not the American military

skyeyez9 24

Its a common term for freshmen at West Point.

sarahlove281 4

Or it could just as easily refer to "Plebian." Cuz, like, you know, people like to troll and call newbies plebs...

It's also a snooty insult for poor people in England. Like that MP who called the police officer a pleb. Either way it's short for plebeian, sort of like peasant.

I'm in the military and I've never heard that one used and we've tons of jargon. Must be specific to a branch other than the one I'm in, or perhaps a different country.

It's a European term really originating in the Roman term Plebeian. Don't know about military adoption. Recently in the news since UK Tory MP Andrew Mitchell used the term to the police when they slightly inconvenienced him. Due to the timing, I'd guess that's where this customer got it.