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Today, my manager told my shift that if we didn't have the quota filled for cinnamon rolls by tonight, we were all out of a job. One of the machines we use to wrap cinnamon rolls just started acting up. We also aren't allowed to take over time. FML
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By  Seeya55  |  31

He won't fire you all instantly (because he'd have no workers, he'd realize this in the morning). Start looking for a new job, because having a boss that throws out that phrase is not one you should be working for.

I do understand some areas it's hard to find a job, but you should never have to work your best and always be under threat of termination. If you can't work overtime, don't. It's against the law for him to make you work unpaid. Sometimes you may have to take a hit. I'm sorry OP.


It’s not really a case of laziness if the machine helps them mass produce cinnamon rolls quickly. Which seems to be what the boss wants. Making cinnamon rolls by hand would put the employees in over time, which they aren’t allowed to have. The request is impossible to fill now because they can’t make how many they need in a short period of time by hand.

  ARISKomuniszt  |  24

Idk why everyone is voting this down. Across the world, there are people who do backbreaking manual labour and work under hellish conditions for a tiny wage. Refusing to make cinnamon buns without a machine to do everything for you would be, in the grand scheme of things, relatively petty in comparison.