Birthday boy

By GiraffeLover - 11/01/2013 11:36 - Australia

Today, my 17 year-old boyfriend's mother bought him a giraffe onesie. He refused to take it off and insisted on wearing it everywhere we go. We live in Australia and it's our summer now. So far he has passed out 3 times in public because he overheated, but he still won't take it off. FML
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Always be yourself- unless you can be a giraffe. Then, always be a giraffe :P (Even if it makes you pass out )

I wish my mom would buy me a giraffe onesie... I wouldn't take it off either!


Reminded me of Thrift Shop... And btw giraffes are pretty awesome

He vowed to be the best Giraffe he could be! Go OP's boyfriend!

I was watching Africa on bbc 1 on Sunday and they had some giraffes fighting over territory, I too thought they are pretty awesome.

Maybe it's his and his mothers way of trying to tell you he's an AB.

I liked giraffes until I saw the video of them fighting. The noise their heads and necks make when they hit each other was very disturbing.

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Hey Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping? ...This is ******* awesome

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Hey.. Watched that too.. David Attenboughs Africa or something.. Shit got real.. I know completely off topic but yeah..

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Got the onesie with the socks on 'em!

For some reason this reminded me of Remi Gaillard and all of his crazy costumes and stunts :P If you haven't watched his videos, you HAVE to look his name up on YouTube... he's hilarious :)

I wish my mom would buy me a giraffe onesie... I wouldn't take it off either!

I second that! May want to wash it though...

Are the footsies or onesies? Because there's a difference. You wouldn't get over heated in onesies

Guessing it's a onesie because I've seen them everywhere in Australia now and it would be possible to overheat in 35C+ degree heat. Recently it's been exceeding 40C. Very possible to happen.

Why would you want to date someone like that?

No, he's weird and immature. It's funny to do maybe once or twice or just around the house, but if you refuse to take it off like he is then there is something wrong with you.

I agree with 35. If it's cold, I understand wanting to wear it, but if he keeps passing out, he has a problem.

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26, some people just don't understand awesomeness in it rawest liquid form! I'm with you.

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And this is coming from the person who has "new record" as their profile picture

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Coming from someone with sponge bob as theirs..

I think you're just jealous because you suck at minesweeper.

Are we really getting into a profile picture war here!? The FML community has been on an upswing the past few weeks, don't drag it back down!

Yes, 106, it looks like we are.... Well whether you like my profile picture or not, my original point still stands.

I agree completely I just wanted to help that guy out :P

Nah, I'm with you #3. I like weirdness and all that. I have a wide array of strange friends and I really don't care what the guys wears, BUT the guy has passed out 3 times. If he didn't take it off after the 1st time, then it's OPs fault for dating this idiot. Besides that, this can't be the first crazy thing he's done.

I wouldn't say he's weird or immature necessarily. I think it's freaking hilarious but with the passing out, that just makes what he's doing plain stupid. Doesn't mean OP should break up with him though, he'll figure it out.

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She doesn't have to break with him, he's going to break himself out, his skull will open crack anytime since he doesn't get it passing out is dangerous for himself.

Guys, CLEARLY wearing a giraffe suit>Personal Heath/Safety....

Always be yourself- unless you can be a giraffe. Then, always be a giraffe :P (Even if it makes you pass out )

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That will forever be my life's motto. Thank you.

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You need a matching onesie, ASAP

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30- Really? I would've never guessed that!

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Yeah, then OP can just as stupid and immature as her boyfriend!

Or they can both have fun and be majestic giraffes in their onsies.

Definately. Then keep him inside and crank up the air conditioning.

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Op you are dating a toddler. Fyl.

It's stylish and you have to deal with uncomfortable heat. Just like real giraffes.

When did OP have time to pose for 55's picture with all that passing out?

I guess it's his choice but I would be worried if I were you.

Rip it off, worry about the long term psychological damage later.

Where does one get an adult size giraffe onesie?

Amazon sells them for 50 bucks :] I bought one for Halloween and it's awesome.!

Walmart. You get ALMOST everything at Walmart. Lol trust me I work there.

Fyl for working at Walmart, YDI for not quitting.

you can buy some at I have the tabby cat one and wear it all the time. Also eBay sells them dirt cheap if you don't mind waiting a few weeks because of international shipping.

#56 - I got banned from Walmart. What do I do?

#142 - Didn't mean to type that. I'm messaging my friend right now too.

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Your boyfriend is a moron. Lol. Let him keep passing out. he deserves it for not listening to you.