By undineA - Greece - Thessalon?ki
Today, feeling magnanimous, I decided to help a frail-looking old lady across a busy street. She managed to "accidentally" hit me in the balls with her cane no fewer than three times before we reached the other side. FML
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  arandomusernameaa  |  20

they ain't balls anymore...

By  Aligator67  |  12

I respect the elderly, but if someone does something multiple times in a row then it must be on purpose. I would of stopped helping her the third time and walked away.

  Aligator67  |  12

#18, Alright, fine. Correct me for one minor mistake. Down vote me just because I did one small typo. That's cool. Real mature to do so. Out of all the people on this app.. I'm the one being corrected? Alright. Fine by me

By  KillSwitch96  |  18

You continued helping an old lady even after she hit you in the balls with a cane not just once, but three times? Anyone who says chivalry is dead has obviously never met you, OP!

  jazzy_123  |  20

23, speak for yourself! I've met plenty of nice guys who open doors for me out of kindness and not because they're trying to get in my pants, or anything like that.