By Munkeh - 12/04/2012 20:42 - United Kingdom - Birmingham

Today, I found out that my partner thinks love is more meaningful than sex, so it's okay to stick his penis in someone else. FML
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That's awful!! I'm so sorry.

No, this man is made of assholes. Sticking your penis around when you're in a committed relationship is pathetic.


You are an idiot.

I thought FML finally got rid of these people....

chels1994 11


That's awful!! I'm so sorry.

hurtandabused 7

Tell him good luck sticking them with the tiny thing between his legs. It has to be tiny for him to want more than one girl to make up for the lack of length

new meaning to free willy

Good for him! lucky dog "Forever Alone" me ok on c. FMCG fghh vb gnu fax

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Is he your boyfriend or just your partner? Cuz if you're just having sloppy sex, you can't blame him for having sex with other people. Now if you guys are dating, then yes, that is fucked up and he deserves to get punched in his little penis.

#28 What the hell is the difference between boyfriend and partner?

blackheart24 10

Uh have you ever heard of friends with benefits? There are ppl out there who aren't down with relationships who just have a causal sex partner.

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So go out and bang more guys and tell him it works both ways bet he doesn't like that at all

SayPeanuts 29

In the UK "partner" is usually used as the politically correct term for a relationship, so I'm assuming he was her boyfriend.

blackheart24 10

Here in America, the word partner has a few meanings: •In the west you say, "Howdy partner" to people you know. •In San Francisco partner is your gay lover. •In business it is somebody who helps you make more money (Or fucks you over royally and you end up suing for everything they own). •In school a partner is either somebody you pick to work with (usually your best friend, or the smart kid in class), or somebody your teacher pairs you with (usually the smelly kid or the class bully). •And as I said before, the final definition of a partner in America is somebody you can have casual sex with (also known as a fuck buddy, friends with benefits, booty call, sloppy sex, etc). You can see why I was thoroughly confused.

72- I'm American and I've always believed partner meant someone you had a relationship with (friends with benefits included).

spekledworf 18

I'm American and I've considered partner to be a relationship, unless you say specifically "my study partner" or " lab partner." Then again we don't say "howdy, partner" here in Massachusetts. PS, OP is from the UK.

blackheart24 10

Why say partner when you can just say boyfriend or girlfriend? It's definitely more informative.

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90-LETS GO BRUINS(and Red Sox)

blackheart24 10

127- it's all about the Celtics man.

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131-Them too, but Pats more. I got to meet Jarod Mayo yesterday. Caps Johannson just got leveled. And your pic =WIN

to me, the terms boyfriend and girlfriend feel so... highschool. so i could see why someone wouldnt want to use them


200 - Don't start that again.

203- has he done this before?

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I'm American too...I've never thought partner meant fuck buddy....fuck buddy means....fuck buddy.

So let me get this straight, if he's just a boyfriend, it's wrong to sleep with other people, but if he's their partner then it's okay to sleep around as long as the sex isn't great? Partner is a step UP from boyfriend. Plus if the sex is bad thats no excuse to sleep around full stop, him and OP should improve their sex life.

28, It doesn't say he actually followed through, if he was just talking about it then the only thing that should take place is a discussion on whether you are able to compromise with each other on the issue, and if not then seperate. Attacking him for sharing his opinion is part of the reason guys do cheat rather than opening up to their partners.

MissHayleyJames 7

The only reason guys (or girls) cheat is because they're immoral, heartless bastards (bitches). That's it. There are no other reasons.

#28 Ah, there seems to have been a misunderstanding. I live in the UK and partner is in reference to a relationship here. I didn't know it meant something different in America. Sorry for the mix up :/

twisted_cherub 14

72- No one in the western U.S. uses "howdy, partner". It's dated. We're not all cowboys who spit tobacco, hang out in saloons, wear spurs and have gun fights, either.

blackheart24 10

263- You may not have heard it before, but I know plenty of people who talk like that, including some of my family members. It's not dated at all, and it has nothing to do with bar fights and shit like that. Maybe get your facts straight before you open your mouth.

Yeah I think that too- partner sounds so old fashioned

twisted_cherub 14

270- I've lived in four different western states and been to every single state (and almost every county) in the continental U.S.. I've talked to thousands of people. No one greeted with "howdy, partner". Not once. I think that qualifies as first-hand knowledge. Oh, wait. There is one exception. Adults often say it to small children playing cowboys.

blackheart24 10

Hmm weird. I've lived in several western states AND I've also been to many of the western states (I also have family throughout the west). I didn't realize someone had actually talked to each and every person in the west, but if you weren't such an ignorant prick, you'd realize my comment was a generalization. I didn't mean that every single person in the western states of America says "Howdy partner". I grew up in a small farming/ranching/rodeo town in Nevada. People there said partner. Fuck your first hand knowledge.

twisted_cherub 14

I also grew up on a farm, outside a village in New Mexico. No one there used it. None of the people (I never said every person) I met in my travels used it in my presence. But I digress. You're incredibly aggressive just from me saying we don't all use "howdy, partner". I mean, I wasn't personally attacking you. But I got cussed out so it's obviously more important to you than it is to me. Therefore, I will bow out of this like a lady instead of continuing to invoke anger for such a stupid reason. You can be right. I will be wrong. We can all let it go.

MissHayleyJames 7

I'm from a small Texas town and people say that there all the time. And yes, I do wear spurs on a regular basis. I know a lot of people who do. They're not a fashion statement to look cowboy like most people think. We actually wear them because we work horses.

yes, never heard of infidelity before

Sing_Along 7

Well that's a bad sign...

BehindU 5

Sounds like his excuse for getting caught cheating.

Probably the stupidest thing I've ever heard

xoconnie 8

WTF , i hope u dumped him as soon as he said that !!!

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Tig ol bitties

macgyver2009 4

Hell yeah

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50: I think you mean "big 'ol titties."

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well I mean the first part of the fml is sweet

You're the asshole that makes it difficult for the rest of us. Screwing over a good girl. She stops trusting good guys. Go fuck yourself

This man is made of win.

No, this man is made of assholes. Sticking your penis around when you're in a committed relationship is pathetic.

This man will be single, alone and sad.

He's made of idiot.

Why people cheat is beyond me, if you are not happy with the person you are with, either talk to them or move on. This whole cheating thing is just stupid and immoral.

He's made of tiger blood and Adonis DNA.

You're 16. So I guess you're still in the "fuck anything that moves" stage.

Oh come on its a joke. The internet has lost its sense of humor:(. My sarcasm has fallen on deaf ears.

There wasn't an ounce of sarcasm in that comment. Don't try to play it off. Just kidding.... Not really.

And no I'm not actually an insensitive fuck. I'm also of the opinion that cheating on anyone is disdainful and unnecessary. But then again I'm obviously only 16 so I could never comprehend what most adults think because I'm too young, undeveloped, and immature. So my opinion doesn't matter.

spekledworf 18

No, you're just... unlucky

Yes. It must be so clear to you the "audible" tone of my voice and inner thoughts when I typed that comment. However I refuse to be pulled into a he said, she said debate. Have fun being enraged by the sarcasm of a bored 16 year old.

There needs to be a sarcasm font.

My luck is horrible. Yet I'm starting to question it. I've been put in enough situations where I could've been killed or maimed or paralyzed. Yet I'm still fine and only missing one organ. So it's debatable.

Xxlaurahatakexx 9

Beyond that, it's sickening.

If by win you mean shit, then yes, he's made of win.

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125-Very well said.


Hmm I racked up a lot of dislikes. Definitely need italics or something for sarcasm

I agree. Good logic. Fuck all the pussy you can boys.

I understand you were joking, but your joke still sucks, IMO.

^You don't need to make an italic font for sarcasm, you just need to learn how to be sarcastic. Because you are SO intelligent. (see what I mean?)

Fair enough Danny. And perhaps the joke was crude and poorly exhibited. I just figured the sarcasm would seem more obvious. How many people are actually that heartless? Aside from the local trolls here.

Can DocBastard please say something. This way we know what real sarcasm is suppose to be like.

^^^ Yes! Agreed!! (:

If they can't read a joke, or even if it isnt a joke, why the fuck care if they thumb you down, most of them are just people (majority women) who have been fucked over. Like dude stop caring and keep stirring shit! Freedom of speech wooo!

SaintComet 3

I still think he's made of win. That's a philosophy that everyone can learn from... Because sex has nothing to do with love. That's just what religious folk and shallow people want to believe. Likewise... Sex doesn't mean you love someone, hate to tell ya.

I got a question. How in the fuck are you suppose to know if someone is being sarcastic/joking over text? Especially if the have a dry sense of humor ex: I fuck bitches and slap hoes then demand a sandwich after. Yall will never know if I'm joking or not :D

While cheating is pathetic, to 14, there are such things as open relationships, swinging, partner swapping and polyamory. None of these are pathetic when the people in them are happy. The guy has every right to express his views on how he wants his relationship to work, but she doesn't have to agree with it. If he didn't cheat, you should really be commending him for having the balls to open up and communicate like that, I know very few people who could. Sucks for her though if she can't be in that situation, they will probably break up, but thats the point of dating - to see whether you and this potential partner have what it takes.

tattooedcowboy 6

Its not cheating if you tell your partner

249 - Yes it is.

238- Yes, I agree somewhat. I do realize there are open relationships, but no where in the FML does it state that he told her this before he cheated on her. If he had told her that he wanted to be in an open relationship from the start (he could have), then she really wouldn't have any reason to complain and I wouldn't consider this an FML.

NoraT_fml 6

99- Shit... I forgot to care.... Oh you almost got killed? Yay? I should give a flying fuck why? .............. Exsactly...

You, sir, are a terrible person.

258 it also doesn't say he did cheat on her. In fact, the way it reads suggests that he was thinking about it rather than caught acting on it.

I thought it was funny

#230 - Sex doesn't necessarily have to do with love, but love, that is, romantic love, absolutely has to do with sex. It's an intimacy thing, where basically, once the attachment occurs and feelings develop, it also includes sexual intimacy and trust and being fucking honest as to your intentions and needs. And by the way, this is true for religious and secular people, and it's actually the opposite of a shallow thing. But again, sometimes sex is just sex. SOMETIMES.

reilyn 10

I like to end with /sarcasm. Not as effective but a means to avoid conflict until such a font is implemented. Or even a "yeah..." does the job.

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That's what in saying. Is it truly worth hurting someone you supposedly love.........

Got that right.

chels1994 11

Love is more important....but the second part of this doesn't make sense to me :-

He's saying that since love is more important than sex that it doesn't matter if he has sex with someone else, as long as he only loves OP.

hurtandabused 7

Worded it oddly. Probably meant he loves her but still wants to sleep wid someone else n he thinks it's ok

chels1994 11

Well yeah I understand the literal meaning of this but if he "loved" her he wouldn't need to have sex with others... I didn't mean it literally made no sense lol sorry for the misunderstanding

To clarify, I think what she means is that the THINKING/LOGIC behind the second part makes no sense.

spekledworf 18

I don't think it's supposed to make sense. You're supposed to say "What? That makes no sense! Why would he do that!?" I think a good FML stirs up some emotions :)

chels1994 11

Exactly what 67 said (: I knew that I meant, but just couldn't seem to find the right wording for it

Love is more important, but not the only thing exclusive in a relationship :p that guy is kinda messed up

Then you're retarded!!!! He's cheating on her dumb dumb!

siickman 7

Sense sex is meaningless to him he thinks he can fuck anyone and its okay...

25, You must be young...or just lacking in life experience. It is well established people can be in love with someone and still have sex with others. Some people believe once you find someone you "love" you then make the sacrifice and commit yourself to that person. That doesn't mean if you desire to sleep with others you don't love the person.

twisted_cherub 14

Downtime, there's one thing I don't understand about open relationships so can you answer this? What if... You agree early on to an open relationship and the two of you get along great. Eventually both of you fall in love, and your partner realizes they can't emotionally handle you being with other people anymore. Does love matter enough to stop having sex with other people if it hurts the person you really care about?

chels1994 11

I am both young and lacking life experience. Maybe it's just me, but I see true "love" as bein perfectly content with someone to the point that you do not desire anybody else. If you really are in love with someone, why would you jeopardize that by screwing someone else? To me, that doesn't show love. That shows lust for others. Oh and to all of those explaining the literal meaning of the FML to me, you may want to brush up on the comments above.

264, Most successful open relationships to my understanding come AFTER falling in love. Starting out on that basis seems more like a relationship based on lust, which is destined for issues. In the end it comes down to the people in the relationship, if they're willing to stop seeing other people then that is up to the individual, its not a one size fits all situation.

So go get yourself wrapped on the outside of something! Wait no, two wrongs don't make a right.

BehindU 5

OP should have a digusting massive orgy at her house then tell her boyfriend, love is what's important and see how he feels. Word of advice ( ._.)

What with you and girls with gigantic tits, 48? Edit: Okay... Your pic disappeared...

I agree with the first part of this comment not the second

Two wrong don't make a right but three lefts do!

BostonBruins2012 0

Maple Leafs: FAIL. Nuff said. Any1 agree?

As long as that someone is a grapefruit.

I found warm cantaloupe to be the best

Hey at least you'll hear I love you a lot

robyn101 0

Give it back to him and say "so this means it's okay for a few penises to go in my vagina right? I mean love does conquer all>;)"

54 - that symbol next to the fml means op is a girl.

KVKdragon 26

That does sound like perfect revenge but "two wrongs don't make a right" should apply here. Why should she be as bad as her boyfriend?

73 - Yes, but 3 lefts make a right...

16, If he is serious about what he says, I believe his answer would be "most definitely, I'm so glad we are on the same page". The stupidity of that comment would backfire quite amusingly.

florido_fml 10

Smart guy

BostonBruins2012 0

^Another Stupid Comment^