By Jack00412 - 08/07/2014 19:55 - United States - Montague

Today, I walked outside to find my 3 year-old daughter and her pet fish playing together on the swings. FML
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Maybe the tank or bowl should be placed somewhere the kid can't get it? I wouldn't trust a 3-year-old...


DrownedMyFish 18

How do we know she is gillty? Shouldn't she have a court herring first?

Coming from the girl who's drowned her fish? I have the feeling you had something to do with it

This comment is funny because of that quality pun. It's even funnier, however, because of your name.

I was honestly thinking of "Finding Nemo" with this reference

drumguy218 11

a sick bastard like her doesn't deserve a trial...

A court herring doesn't sound like a reel good idea.

Maybe the tank or bowl should be placed somewhere the kid can't get it? I wouldn't trust a 3-year-old...

Oops, better lock the cats and dogs up, they're un-trustable.

But nobody ever suspects the hamster...

Well, those buggers are so easy to suck up in the vacuum...

Just the way you worded it... I can't NOT Laugh

supersquirel500 10

I'm hoping the fish was in it's bowl of water.

I wish what was the case. But then if it was, there wouldn't have been this FML here would it?

91hayek 31

Sounds like she needs a playmate OP. Her heart will break when she realizes what has happened to her friend.

DrownedMyFish 18

I feel sorry for her. The pain of losing a pet fish is unbearable!

I don't think quietly replacing the fish is a good idea. OP needs to teach their daughter that fish need to stay in water to survive.. Otherwise they might end up with a marine serial killer who doesn't even realize it :/

I'm so torn about this. On the one hand, I feel like the child should be taught the proper care of fish to avoid any other mishaps. On the other hand, I can't imagine how she would react to finding out she killed her own pet! I imagine she'll be extremely upset.

43 is definitely in the right here. It might break her heart to learn that she killed her own pet, but it'll certainly keep her from doing it a second time.

BarrackOfObamas 8

That sounds fishy. Pun intended

Pun failed. Keep trying Siamese Fighter.

DrownedMyFish 18

Don't worry. You still get an A for effort. If you feel like you have a brilliant have a pun in mind, don't be koi. Take advantage of the oppor-tuna-ty and take a shot at it.

If you didn't tell us that the pun was intended, I don't think we would have known.

Yep, the fish evolved, developing lungs just in time. Mr. Gold, as the fish likes to be called, now teaches lectures at Harvard and writes books in defense of darwinism and evolution.