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Today, my parents took away my laptop, TV, Xbox, and car all because I broke up with my girlfriend. They said when I patch things up with her, I can have my stuff back. FML
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Apparently they like her more than you. That sucks.


Just tell them you caught her with some other guy's dick in her mouth. They'll be on your side then.


Apparently they like her more than you. That sucks.

Maybe they just want you to lay off the electronics and get laid.

This makes much more sense if you picture OP as 30 and still living in his parent's basement.

a laptop, a TV an xbox and a car? what if s/he needs to research for a test/job with the internet, watch a documentary or drive to school/uni/college/work. the xbox, maybe s/he needs to relax. plus, he just got out of a relationship. s/he's probably not had the chance yet.

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You can move out and find a job, OP.

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124- what's with the s/he it's clear it's a guy smart one

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Not really. Could be a lesbian for all you know. Smart arse.

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162- that's why you play too much and don't have a girlfriend with your ghetto crack Mario picture

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Fyl OP ! My parents are the same way, I feel Your pain!

I call that bullshit! I speak my mind

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Woah, two 78s, and are you seriously trying to start a fanboy war on here?

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Dumbass xbox wins! My friends have ps3 only cause it costs for xbox live which they say xbox is so much better the only thing ps3 has better than xbox is blu ray and god of war

And I like color red. Opinions, ffs. Keep them to yourselves.

Hey let's just all calm down and agree that the wii is a piece of shit.

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Dude, ps3 doesnt have gears of war or halo. 2 extremely convincing itens right there. And plenty other great games like i think battle field but im not positive

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PS3 fo life hell yea all right killzone 3 God of war allright.

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I would even slap my momma if she did

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a little 12 year old would type that on here kid just get your phone taken away please for the sake of fml


Just tell them you caught her with some other guy's dick in her mouth. They'll be on your side then.

Why lie about what happened? Tell the truth: you don't want to be with her anymore and you won't change your feelings because they want to. Lying will make you look like an asshole in the end. It is your own decision to do whatever you want with your relationship, and parents should understand that. Not only parents, everyone should.

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101- You say this with the assumption that his parents are reasonable. There are many parents who do not care for reason or logic, and will not allow their children to actually sit down and talk with them. I'm lucky enough to have caring, level headed parents, but I know of many who are not.

Yes, of course, that's true. What I mean is: if the OP's got a car and a license, he is probably old enough to confront his parents about it. He's not 10 years old, he is... more than 16 I guess? Not sure, I'm not from the US. However, you are most probably right and his parents simply lack logic... or the OP is just a horrible person.

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I like how your comeback to his comment was to start saying OP is a bad guy and he's most. likely to be 17 and shouldn't be play xbox but working

Uhmm.. I guess you didn't understand what I said. My "comeback" was to say that, as you say, he's most likely 17 and therefore he should be a man and have the balls to confront his parents. I don't think OP's a bad guy, but it's possible that he broke up with her "just because" and was mean. But even if that's the case it's his damn problem, not his parents. That's why I agree with #140 and say that his parents most propably simply lack logic. But anyway, good luck with your life of "work work work and no games". Tell me how's it going when you become an adult.

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Maybe they want you to hurry up and give them grand children. Just maybe.

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how many times has xbox been hacked? oh yeah, none. xbox 1, ps3 0.

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trololol. people get their gamertags stolen, free stuff illegally put on there... etc. nothing is unhackable. not even NASA!

I love Xbox but it actually has been hacked once it didn't do anything bad but it happened

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and this has exactly what in common with OPs post?

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Actually it's the other way around :)

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Xbox owns all! (except the N64. That's old school :)

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I'm a ps3 fan but ps3 got hacked too.

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Nothin may be unhackable but until i see microsoft or NASA have theor servers crashed then u know it cant be truely hacked! ur hacking the hardware not microsoft itself when u add all those things and gamertags get hacked because people can figure ourlt the passwords so again no real hacking of microsoft

You said xbox never got hacked and then went on to say xbox did once. Guess what PS3 did too

This is an FML that really calls for a "What the ****?!" button!