By Anonymous / Friday 24 December 2010 03:37 / United States
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  Reyo  |  2

Don't be ashamed, that's pretty fucking clever. Lord knows I could've thought of this over the semester. Only people who put a sock on their door to try and impress others are pathetic.

Meanwhile, people confident with their sexual status will put socks on other's doors and watch people freak out.

  adrian071  |  0

It really is not a big deal, except that when ur a guy tons of pressure comes from other men who are not virgins, and even from male relatives. I say this from experience, I was a virgin by choice till I was 18, and the most pressure I got from was from my dad and uncles, and of course my friends.

Once I did though, I realized sex is way overrated, especially when meeting some nasty women who don't know the meaning of moderation and hygiene.

  adrian071  |  0

well I'm not assuming it's by choice, seeing how he/she posted a FML about pretending to be getting laid just to take a nap. that does suck, and hope they get laid by a decent member of the opposite sex.

Also, I did wait for the right girl, she was also a virgin and we dated all my senior year which turned out to be my most awesome school year! lol but as soon as college came, sexual encounters went downhill due to hoes and tricks.

  wikkedphuka  |  0

this comment is rubbish there is nothing wrong with being a virgin!! guy or girl infact i want a guy who is a virgin! id rather have him. now being a vegan thats bad i love pizza n burgers thats just sad if u live n america n dnt like burgers lol

  redbluegreen  |  40

38, stop exaggerating. The whole point of the FML was for OP to get a peaceful nap. Why suggest something that will prevent him from sleeping? It would have made more sense if you had said 'Play a tape recording of moans' or 'Play a porno movie'.

  memo619  |  0

I wasn't exaggerating, I was only kidding
I see what you mean, but how am I an idiot? it's not like I'm suggesting something completely pointless and out of subject

  Shanokie  |  2

...because a 14 year old knows a whole lot about the noises associated with sex. there is a such thing as a quiet quickie used to do it all the time in my dorm and nobody ever knee any different.


Eh, come on guys, everyones input should be accepted without bullshit criticism like that. Sure, find the humor or correct an obvious and stupid mistake, but have some class while doing so. Sam, don't worry, 'Too Yung' is just a name in China. xD Lolol, but seriously, would you be happier knowing us fourteen year olds knew every miniscule detail when it comes to sex or that we aren't sleeping around with every idiot we see?