By Brandy_Dandy78 - 12/06/2011 18:47 - United States

Today, I fell asleep as my family drove to church. No one bothered to say anything about the drawings my siblings drew on my face until after church ended. FML
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PSQ91 6

Reread it.

siblings, you gotta love them xD


do NOT sleep in a church

PSQ91 6

Reread it.

IBeBlazin 0

Learn to read retard they said they fell asleep on the way to church not in church.

OP wasn't sleeping in the church, he fell asleep on the way therel

IronMaiden45 0

doesn't anyone know how to read anymore?

What did they write i hope it was nothing like i love the devil

And why not? Will I be damned to hell?

YDI OP for being drunk on the way to church.

They probably drew penises and "I love the cock" all over her face.

29 - I think #1 was more drunk than OP

1-what else is church for if not for sleeping?? kids these days...

Thats right he did fall asleep on the way there

29-Can you read? OP never said he/she was drunk. OP fell asleep.

siblings, you gotta love them xD

lulututu 4

I'd rather not :)

Yeah I'd rather be a lone wolf. AH-OOOOOOO!

39- you took the words right out of my mouth

haha that's a better idea ;D

chino627 0

my siblings are a pain in my ass but I still love them

Alex94xela 0

is the op's name wigglytuff wheather it is or isn't op got jigglypuffed

that dog is so cute

Zero66Core 0

Cgfhhshehhsheggsh Honda civic

maybe someone thought they were signs from god XD

btnhdude 0

I doubt it.

I'm sure if they wrote something like ''Hell'' or anything ''vulgar'' they'd have given a damn.

Sounds like something my family would do

Exeedingmango 0


YDI. You go to church and care about what those crazy Jesus freaks think of your appearance.

Thats bull. My comment was moderated because I insulted churchgoers. I didn't even swear!

PSQ91 6

And you didn't notice the wierd looks people were giving you?

Don't you love siblings? :P

speak for yourself ;-/

no. incest is terrible!