By a chick in California - 14/06/2012 20:10 - United States - Ceres

Today, all my guy friends kept hugging me tightly and then softly and then tightly again. I later found out they just wanted to feel my boobs on their chests. FML
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Did you feel a tic tac in their pockets?

2ndSucks 15

Boys will be boys.


Eww :/

Eww? That's it? Nothing clever? DAMN YOU. DAMN YOU TO HELL.

Well the FML isn't exactly clever either is it?

The excitement of being first clearly got to you...

What a waste of a first comment

That's California teens for ya

27) STFU. Neither are you. Lolz rhymes. This time.

1- your suppose to comment on the fml not on your own username.. Duh

leprechaun23 15

Take it as a compliment, you have nice boobs OvO

xoconnie 8

wellllllll, on the bright side..... seems like ya have nice boobs? but, come on! u have to tell those boys to back off man!

21) you gotta give her props she added a dopey face.

36 - oh no you di'n't!

I believe she did.

Someone is jealous that boys aren't hugging her like that

jessalinemai1398 6

Well what do you expect from somebody whose username is "limegreenpoopie"?

If your shit is lime green...

2ndSucks 15

Boys will be boys.

blcksocks 19

Just curious how does it feel to be the second commenter on this FML while having a name like 2ndSucks ?

Is it just a bug on my phone app but it says she is #3?

olpally 32

Yep, a bunch of horny bastards they are... No respect for women! Fyl op.

Your name is ironic

46- No it's not a bug, she actually did comment third but whoever posted second removed the comment.

3: It's not okay to write off sexual harassment by claiming that boys can't help it just because they're male. That's insulting to men and dangerous for women.

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aleeshttylXD 9

LOL 97, r u pouring chocolate syrup on urself?? XD

Girls also enjoy wen guys press their boobs!!

47 Your hot male friends, right?

Airman1988 9

98 he is trying to make a new chocolate rain video, if you watch Tosh.o you'll get this, if not YouTube it

2ndSucks 15

78-I'm not writing off sexual harassment. I simply stated a cliche that seemed fitting for the FML because I lack originality. And to the people mentioning my name, I did sort of have an excited nerd moment when I saw the irony. :)

I don't know what age OP is, but from experience, if you're between the ages of 12 to about 16, there isn't much you can do to stop hormone-crazed boys who see women as sex objects.

daddyluiigi 3

Can i be your friend?

Yeah it's chocolate and i'm sexy

Can I be your friend too?

I saw your pic on Ghetto Red Hot.

Ciraxas 7

78 - Hugging someone is not sexual harassment.

Inappropriate touching is.

AlexV17 0

Get the chocolate off ur chest no one is gonna lick it off haha jk

AlexV17 0

I got it haha I love that show

Guy friends: "YOU are my breastfriend! I mean... Best friend. Nice boobs, shirt! :D"

ky765 0

Hugging is dangerous? I'm sure they were not bear hugging the shot out of her.

ky765 0

damn here comes the onslaught of corrections for writing shot on my itouch

Did you feel a tic tac in their pockets?

I keep imagining a humping motion along with the squeezing.

That's what it was? I could have sworn it was a piece of hard lint

CaramelMacchiato 13

"Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

BlackRuse1 5

Now THIS should've been first comment.

b3llalooove 3

Omg once my friend hugged me from behind and started dry jumping my ass.. I was like O.O what the fuck are you doing get off! He started laughing >.>

147 - Thanks for sharing.

Is it wrong if I feel like hugging OP?

Inheritance 10

To be honest if you have good size boobs I'd do the same ..

unknown_user5566 26

147- Dry jumping? Sexual fetishes are getting stranger by the minute...

Is that a tic tac in your pocket, or are you just underendowed?

rokrholic 3

...oh. Anyway..

hanfo 0

Haha respect for women, I see

Sell them to them.

Hate to be the one to break this to you 5, but that would be illegal...

Your comment just made my hour. Good day to you sir.

Film it and sell it. Then it's legal...

I'm actually kinda jealous right now :/

Wow, guessing its been a while since you've had any action 6...

daydreamer244 13

At least you have big boobs.

olpally 32

Always look at the bright side op^ at least you know you're attractive, but it shouldn't be shown like that... a compliment would be nicer than being felt up...

Trisha_aus 15

So big boobs defines "attractiveness" now? Jeez then all those models, Victorias Secret Angels and actresses must be ugly...myself included, now all of us B cups can go jump off a cliff

peachyFML 17

I have big boobs and I'm not attractive. (Btw, I'm not being an attention whore. I've just come to terms with the truth.) They don't always go hand in hand.

olpally 32

Sorry for thinking that, I see that my thinking is flawed... * crawls back under rock* I just got owned, touché to you two^^

51 what Victoria's secret model have you seen with b cups?

Like half of them if not more. All the magic is done with push ups and such

Trust me honey, it SUCKS.

iFizzgig 11

Jiggli jiggle, pull em apart

golfman717 0

People are disliking this comment but I 100% agree with you...

Trisha_aus 15

71- usually models are A-B cups, it's all padding and push ups, there are just a few with C-D cups...I've worked with models backstage, they are beautiful though

Why are you defining beauty by outwards appearances? If I'm mistaken then please tell my why you're comparing breasts to beauty. Btw I'm a guy.

VS carries bras that can turn my C cup into a triple F, I'm sure.

How could that not be obvious? :/

I think OP could have just blossomed so to speak and these are the new reactions of prepubescent boys in her class.

TheElderTROLLZ 15

I wish I was there...

Mmmmm.... Booooobies......

Trisha_aus 15

I imagined the baby in your pic saying it...adorable