By Anonymous - 30/06/2009 22:19 - United States

Today, I met with a friend who had gained some weight since I saw him last. After a friendly hug, I put my hand on his new man boob and, without thinking, left it there way too long. I realized that I was groping him and, in a panic, did the only thing I could think of. I patted it. Twice. FML
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That's not awkward at all.

Well, did he return the favor?


Ironically, if a man was doing this to a fat woman, we'd be hearing a lot of "OMG, SEXUAL HARASSMENT!!!! YOU PIG!!!"

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LMAO . that hilariouss. (:

That had nothing to do with my comment..

y did u touch his man boob?

Macromartyr 3

Here's a comment to relate to yours. How about not being a comment nazi because NOBODY GIVES A FUCK IF THEY REPLY WHERE "THEY'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO"


That's not awkward at all.

jimgrant1 0

lmao its not awkward she shouldve played it off as a joke

lls...funniest shit ever

Giraffes no one cares if your first!

What the hell?

^ exactly, what they wrote

Well, did he return the favor?

a1mostevi1 0

lol and say "you started it"

lovelykendra5 0

lmao (: ^ Dude, Giraffes didn't even say shit about being first. STFU.

4 is awesome And you should've asked him uf he wants your bra

ultimate win...nicely done

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pornsite :|

wow really, dumbass?

Fail fail fail fail fail fail fail fail bail vail frail mail pail tail rail eail quail sail gail jail nail bail vail vail KKK

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haha ur funny

So glad that I wasn't on this site during your time.